Thursday, March 3, 2011

A sense of Urgency!

Zac is feeling the pressure.
He asked me the other day..."Isn't it time for us to go to the dentist?"
At dinner tonight, he asked again. We checked the calendar.
2 weeks exactly!
His eyes got really big. The Uh~Oh kind of look!

After Zac's bath, I heard him in the downstairs bathroom brushing his teeth.
The sink was on for a really long time. I went over to check on him and he had set the kitchen timer to 5 min. He was scrubbing and flossing and scrubbing some more.
 I suggested he brush for 2 or 3 min. instead of 5....and of course, for that length of time, turning the water off would be appreciated.
Isn't this how we all act?
We start doing what we are supposed to always do when we feel that sense of urgency. Emily wears her rubber bands a few days before she visits the orthodontist, we lose a few pounds before heading to our high school reunion, and we brush and floss for 5 min a day before we head to the dentist. 

His teeth really do look amazing!
Happy Thursday!

Today is alphabe-Thursday!
U is for Urgency! To read more, head on over to Jenny matlock's blog!
Jenny Matlock


  1. How cute.

    I wish mine were even this motivated!!

  2. Oh so true! I'm thinking another visit from my husband's great aunt who took her teeth out to show my son what can happen if you don't brush...might be needed again! (It did wonders the first time!)
    You're really good at these Alphabe's!

  3. hope he has a good check up! {:-Deb

  4. all to familiar territory in this old house too jen!!

    how funny that today i have come back to the dentist cancelling *our* appointments!
    just as you get the kids ready to go you have to re-schedule!!

    melissa x

  5. At least he takes initiative. I have to fight with my son.

  6. omg, jen, this is me RIGHT NOW!! I'm under the gun with sooooo many projects and deadlines this week it's KRAZY!! great timing on this post ... but will i ever evolve?! outlook not so good ....

  7. the last time we went to the dentist, both my boys got scolded big time! Nothing like someone else telling them to do something instead of mom!

    Good luck at the dentist

  8. HAHA!! I totally understand. My kiddo is the same way.

  9. I think it's cute that he's trying to be so conscientious...even if his interest has come a little too late.

    At least he cares, right?


  10. I hope the dentist appreciates what he has gone through!!!

  11. My boys are the exact same way!

  12. Undeniably! Cute post.

  13. So funny, whatever we have to do to get motivated. I'm all for it.

  14. Boys are great ! Your Zac is quite the handsome young man and I hope he keeps up with brushing his pearly whites twice a day so he doesn't have dental problems . You could always tell him what Matthew Mcconaughey does to keep his teeth so white . He brushes often after every meal and keeps a toothbrush with him all the time . I don't know if he even uses soap either but meh , there is something about massaging your gums regularly . Anyway...

  15. love that he got al that brushing in 2 weeks ahead of time!!! thanks so much for adding my button. I will def. add yours too! hugs, cathy

  16. Pretty cute kid you got there.....

    Motivation can come in many ways...

  17. HA so true! I went to the dentist on Monday and I have been remembering to floss for about 2 weeks prior to that. :)

  18. Oh, he's too cute! Anything to escape the drill.

  19. Bless his little heart! He reminds me of my nephew who is old is he?

  20. So true. So true. He was relaly ambitious to try and brush his teeth for 5 minutes.

  21. Such a cutie! I completely understand about feeling the pressure to get things done at the last minute! Hope his appointment goes well. :)

  22. A great post. I guess it just human nature no matter how old : )
    Good luck at the dentist Zac.

  23. truth or consequenses (sp)
    what we go thru @ the last minute
    cute post...cuter Zac =)

  24. I'm impressed that he thought about doing it 2 weeks before the appointment. last minute for me is a few days before. Good for Zac.

  25. I love this.

    My Mom used to always make us brush our teeth with comet cleanser (true story) before we went to the dentist so he didn't think she was doing a bad job with us.

    I think brushing extra two weeks ahead of time would taste a whole lot better!

    Thanks for a fun stop this week on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "U".

    I really enjoyed this!