Friday, March 4, 2011

A few minutes to blog about this and that!

It's cold and flu season for sure around here. The neighbor kids are dropping like flies....fevers, headaches,  aches and worse. We are sniffling and feeling a bit tired. We are trying to stay well. We do not get the flu we wash our hands and eat lots of these!
It seems to be helping.
We will keep it up~just in case.

I've been seeing a lot of snow pictures on blogs lately. I have to say, even though I wish we would have gotten one more snow to really play in...I'm glad we are enjoying the warmth of spring early around here.
The other day, I was doing this....
And the boys and their friends ask if we could turn
the sprinkler system on for them to play we did!
It was somewhere around 75 degrees.
I hope THIS didn't have anything to do with THAT thing I mentioned a moment ago!

Have a great weekend and enjoy whatever sunny or snowy weather you might be having! 


  1. I am jealous again of your warm weather. sniff sniff it is cold and rainy here today. :(

  2. At the moment, I can't imagine wanting anyone wanting to be sprayed with cold water. It's more likely that I would go and have a hot shower just to get warm!

  3. It's been absolutely gorgeous here, too. Lovin' spring!

  4. Ahh yes! Cold and flu season! Both my wife and I are sick and for the last month both my girls have been sick. We keep up on our hand washing as well along with vitamins. Nice site! I look forward to following your blog and reading more great posts.

  5. REally jealous of your 75 degrees. Totally not fair. I hope that you all avoid the flu and other wintery sicknesses. WE are hanging tough here. The weather is not in our favor though. Vitamin c and other health food store supplements are always on hand over here.

  6. I just got over a cold. No fun. I have been taking lots of extra vitamin c! We are having beautiful weather here too. I love it!