Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's no iphone....

...but it's my phone!
A few months ago, I blogged about my old cell phone~the one with the antennae!
Go here to see it again!

My contract had been up for years!  I just didn't have time to learn to use a new phone.
My family was getting annoyed that I was unable to text them...or that if I took for-e-ver!  One night, a few weeks ago, Emily and David walked in from volleyball practice and handed me this phone.
I swore that I would not text anymore than I had before. Oh so wrong! It is so much easier now!
I still carry my old phone around too...because I haven't moved my contacts over (laziness~really).
At some point...I may even have an iphone. I mean in just a few years, Jonathan will be ready for a phone...and this little one here would be just perfect for him.

Funny...the things we hold on to, huh?


  1. Do you have a SSIM card? All that info can be transferred so easily!

  2. Oh and congrats on figuring out the button thing! Looks great!

  3. I still have the old school flip phone that I got when I was pregnant! It I keep it! My contract has been up forever and I am able to of these days I might just do that! Of course, I'm not a big fan of change, and my bill will also go maybe I'll rethink that!

  4. I don't blame you.
    I have decided a smart phone would be just one more distraction I don't need.
    Just keep the phone and pretty soon it will be all cool and "retro".

  5. I have the very same phone!!
    Upgrading can be fun!!:)
    Have a happy day

  6. I remember when you posted about your old phone! Sounds like you are enjoying your new one!

  7. We just upgraded at Christmas... got rid of our home phone... and my hubby found the virgin mobile pay as you go contracts... for Samsung Smart Phones... $40 a month gives me a huge package!! and I can finally text... I am so old school.... I was happy with my old flip phone for $20 a month... pay as you go... now... 2 months in... I would cry if I had to go back!! Have fun!! Does it have a camera?? You will be Amazed at the quality it can do outside "sometimes"!! =)

  8. I like it!! My contract is up in a month and I can't wait to upgrade. Although I totally agree, it's not all that fun to relearn a new phone but once you do it's nice. :)

  9. Love your new phone! I'm not a big fan of change so I totally relate to wanting to keep with the one you are used to.

  10. I love it! Texting is so nice when you have a phone that can do it easily. Have fun :)

  11. if it weren't for my hubby's hand-me-down phones, I'd still have a "vintage" phone as well!! I've got an older version iphone and it's cool and all, the pretty cases to choose from are the best part about it (!), but I only use it for about 10% of what it's capable of i'm sure! I really like the phone here b/c of the keyboard - my texts from iphone are ALWAYS typed wrong!