Monday, February 21, 2011

While Daddy and daughter are away.....

 Mom and boys will play!
This weekend, Emily and David were in sunny Orlando for another volleyball tournament.
The boys and I had a nice weekend at home.
I knew this weekend was coming and I wanted to do something fun....not just cleaning and blogging while the boys played video games or ran around outside.
So...I got busy with my planning.

Of course, everything is better with a friend, so we added 1 more boy to the mix (his sister had a tournament too) and we got started.
Friday night, we headed out for some Chinese food at a fancy Chinese restaurant. The boys love Chinese take-out so I thought they would enjoy the experience. It was lovely....or cool... I should say!
We had spring rolls, fried rice, Seseme Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Chinese strawberry ice cream and even an edible flower. We must not forget the fortune cookies.
After dinner we had a few minutes before heading to the movie, so the boys played a wild and rambunctious game of hide and seek at the fountain.
We ended the evening at the dollar theatre watching "Gulliver's Travels". Most definitely a "boys" movie. Very silly. They loved it!

Saturday morning...we were up early and off to Dunkin Donuts. What a great way to start the day!
After lunch, we headed to a surprise destination. They were guessing all types of things.....skating, bowling, swimming, mountains, circus, swimming again, bowling again, volleyball tournament (Uh...No) and so on.
We pulled up to a huge parking lot...and jumped on the Light Rail heading into uptown.

We arrived at our stop...the Convention head inside to find the largest boat show on the east coast!
They were not sure what to think until we got inside and climbed aboard some of the most fabulous boats.
"Wow! This is awesome. I love this place!"
Over and over again they said "This one is way better than that one....Look...a bathroom....and another flat screen tv...No way!"
We also saw a show featuring Twiggy, the water skiing Squirrel. Super cute!

After checking out the big boats one more time, we headed back to the light rail and made our way home....after a quick stop by McDonald's for snacks.

Saturday night and Sunday were spent at, video games, playing outside, laundry and cleaning. That was okay because we had already had our Boys weekend adventure!
Fun stuff!


  1. sounds like a blast! what fun!! boys+boats=perfect!! hugs, cathy {thanks for your sweet comment on my last post}

  2. And did you fork out a few hundred thousand for a boat? (Nice thought though!)

    I used to love surprise days out like this. My boys are much older now and tend to do their own thing.

  3. what an awesome weekend!! and i think the thing that strikes me most (yes, even above a water skiing squirrel!) is that your boys are wearing SHORTS and SHORT SLEEVES?!?! so envious!!

  4. are the coolest mom ever. What a fun game plan you came up with.
    I hope your children know how lucky they are.

  5. What a great weekend! That was awesome of you to plan that. My husband and boys would have loved it! We do have a boating & fishing show coming up in March, guess we will have to hit it!

  6. sounds like a great weekend. . .

    how fun to ride the train into the city and then all those boats! very cool!

  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend with the boys! I love that you can pretty much do anything with kids and they just love being out and doing something. Hope the tournament went well!
    (So did you get a boat??) :)

  8. You are the coolest mom ever! And now I want Chinese food.

  9. WHat fun! I think it's some important for the kids to spend time with each parent separately! I know I used to love time spent with both my parents...

    Good memories your boys will treasure, if not now, definitely down the road!

    You rock!

  10. Sounds like a wicked fun weekend Jen!! What a great mom you are!!!

  11. What a perfect boys' weekend - genius! I treasure memories of time spent with just me and my boys.

  12. You are the coolest Mom and "my friend's Mom"...EVER. What an incredibly fun weekend!

  13. Sounds like so much fun. It was definitely a bonding experience for you all. I thought Gulliver was so funny, my kids are still talking about it.

  14. Sounded like a great getaway at home. What a good mom you are. The boys won't forget this.