Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Pudding!

Friday afternoon, I was a little grouchy. I had worked night shift the night before and had not gotten enough sleep.
Zac had come home from school in the carpool with my  neighbor. When I saw them walking up to the door, I noticed my neighbor was with them. Usually that means someone did something wrong. I went to the door to find out that Zac needed to tell me something.
Apparently, he had been showing his friend a photo in the Guiness Book of World Records book. It happened to be the record holder for the largest breast augmentation. (fully clothed, of course) The record holder with the most tatoos was on the opposite page.
The teacher had noticed and ask my friend, the other car pool Mom to be sure that Zac told me about the book he brought to school and what he had done.
Of course, we had a nice talk about what is and is not approprite to show other people.
A few minutes later I was standing at the sink when I realized something.
I asked Jonathan, "Where did you get that book?"
"At the book fair at school!", he answered.
I called my friend to tell her....and I called the teacher as well.
I wanted to be sure that she knew that the book in question was bought at the book fair.
I was also irritated that the teacher had ask my friend to become involved. That puts her and me in an awkward position....she having to be sure Zac told me and me having to defend or explain things that didn't need to be explained to her.
So after that, my friend could sense my grumpiness.
A few minutes later she was standing at my door holding the cutest little bowl of banana pudding.
She called it "Happy Pudding".
Wasn't that sweet?
And it was very yummy!
And after I ate the whole entire thing, I was feeling much much happier!
Hoping your weekend is happy too!

The recipe for Paula Dean's Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding AKA "Happy Pudding" can be found here!
It really is amazing!


  1. Jen,
    Loved this post. It makes one realize that making those small gestures can really change the course of someone's day. It also reminded me of all the stories about your great neighbourhood. Now... I think I better go check out Guiness Book of World Records.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hmmmmm...happy pudding. I am gonna have to try that!

    That was very sweet for your friend to bring it to you.

  3. Thank God for good friends and neighbors! I could use some of that pudding right about now.

  4. Oh that is so classic, I would have had to voice my opinion on that one to the teacher. I mean...there's a time for keeping quiet and then there's a time for speaking out.
    Leave it to a boy to find something like that out of the entire bookfair though. It's like they have a "boob radar" built in.

  5. That's cute. I would be irritated, too, that I would feel the need to have to explain to the neighbor. Plu, it was in a book that was bought at school!!! What a nice and happy ending that you got happy pudding. Sweets always make things better. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  6. The Guinness Book of World Records is always one of the most checked out books in the school library. Kids LOVE those records. That teacher needs to lighten up a bit and not involve other people in your business. Sheesh!

  7. As a fourth grade teacher, I can definitely tell you that the teacher should NEVER involve another parent in any situation...she should have called you or even emailed (although I never email if it concerns something negative). I don't think there is anything wrong with telling the teacher you'd like to be notified by her in the future.

    Love that the neighbor brought you HAPPY PUDDING. Yay, for good friends!

  8. I agree with J above. Your son's teacher should have spoken to you direct. It is no-one else's business. Of course, it could be that she did it on impulse, having gone out to speak to you at the end of the school day and finding your friend instead, (in which case, she probably regretted doing it afterwards) but it still wouldn't hurt to have a quiet word. Do you think?

  9. LOVE the friend who did that for you ... she's a keeper for sure ;-)