Friday, February 4, 2011

WACI ~ Valentine's Edition!

A series I created to keep up with all of those cute ideas out there in Blog Land. I am always finding crafts and projects that I want to try...then when I'm ready...I can't remember where I found them. These are not my ideas. These cute ideas will be ones that I intend to try when time allows. I will collect ideas as I a find them...and I will always give proper credit and a link to the original post.

Cute Valentine banner.
Go here to check it out!
Wouldn't you love to have this for breakfast!
So very Martha!
 Crafty goodness and candy too!
Go here for the tutorial.
Heart shaped cupcakes!
Go here to find out how!

A sweet craft and some sweets inside too.
Go here for the details!
I love these little bags of treats.
Check them out here!

We made these Valentine's one year.
Family Fun is the best for ideas. Go here to see.
And such a simple and fun cupcake topper.
I found it here!

10 more days 'til Valentine's Day!
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Thanks for sharing Jen!

    Those heart cupcakes are too cute and seem really easy? Perhaps too easy?

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Good idea!! The cupcakes look good!

  3. Great links Jen!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Enjoy the weekend

  4. Those treat bags are precious!! Hope you are having a great weekend :)