Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quite the little artist!

A few weeks ago, Zac's class began their study of Martin Luther King.  He became a bit obsessed with drawing pictures of the late Mr King. At first, I did not pay much attention, because he really does seem to draw at least something everyday.... but then I took a closer look.
I was amazed! He did not trace these pictures or even look at anything at all. He drew these pictures from memory. No kidding. He has always had a very visual memory, but I had no idea he could produce anything like this.  He is only 8.

Ooops...something spilled on this one.

We have been showing these pics around. One of our friends who is an artist and an architect was just as amazed and impressed as me.
We are going to sign Zac up for an art camp this summer. He thinks that will be great.
After all, he has become quite the little artist!
Neat, Huh?
Today is alphabe-thursday.
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Jenny Matlock


  1. I love this! Good job for recognizing your son's talent and supporting it. Too often I find myself passing over these little clues to my kids interests and talents in my rush to make sure they get and do all they are "supposed" to do. I hope you post some of his work from Art Camp!

  2. I am a pre-k teacher and one of my joys is giving children the opportunity to find their "art self". My daughter is an artist and I am sure that one of the reasons is that I ALWAYS encouraged her to create. BRAVO to you for noticing his talent and being so supportive, he will never forget it...and who knows he might be an artist too!

  3. My kids have all done some sort of art camp...he will love it! Have you tried the Deep Space Sparkle website? They have great ideas and downloads..

  4. Wow he is good. I could not draw that good.....

  5. I'm impressed! I'm glad he'll get to go to art camp - he'll love it!

  6. Really really impressive, he'll love the art camp! My little one (now 9) has always drawn in that same kind of detail (like the background with the audience for example) and it really does take your breath away, especially from someone so young! She's done a couple of art camps too - and LOVED them ... Zac will do amazing things, no doubt - these are incredible!!

  7. Support his talent, but don't be surprised if he decides he doesn't want to draw when he is a teen. If he really loves it, he will start back again. I speak from experience.

  8. WOW! Those are fantastic!

  9. Wow! That is amazing. I am an artist too. There is a workbook called "Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain". Zac has some mad skills and this would be a good book for him to practice with....or with which to practice..ha.

  10. So impressive! I cannot draw for the life of me. Oh and I'm lovin' the heart on your header!

  11. Wow, Zac is really good! I bet he's going to love art camp. My son is always drawing me pictures...and I have to laugh (secretly) because he can't even hardly draw a stick figure to save his life! The funny part is I think he thinks he's good! (he is still loving the tracing paper...he should stick w/ that!)

  12. Too cool! Art camp and art lessons are in order...encourage him to keep it up!!!

  13. WOW! That's great! My husband is very artistic, and my girls have taken after him - I just love watching my kids master something that I never did. So cool. Too bad my son and I are still struggling with stick people.

  14. elegant art...
    love the humor in it as well...

    way to go.

  15. Art camp will be so much fun for him! These pic's are so good! I love the top one with all the people behind mr king.
    Have a pretty day!

  16. It is so important to feed that artist within. Somehow over time they seem to forget they have the talent. My girls love art camp. Come to think of it, I wish I could go to art camp!

  17. Very neat! Keep the arts alive! Great to see you nurturing the creativity in your son Jen!

  18. Jen! Wow. For an 8 year old to have that perspective and detail seems pretty incredible. My favorite is the picture in the crowd. That is really, really a neat rendering.

    How exciting to get him into art classes to see what happens.

    It is Quite lovely to see you nurturing his creativity and taking the time to recognize it.

    Great link!

    Great Mom!

    Great drawings!