Monday, February 7, 2011

Blessings 61-70!

"A dare to live fully...right where I am!"
A heart spilling over with gratitude!
Recording treasures, gifts, joys and graces....
in an effort to see all these things more clearly!

Farm Story itunes app
Puzzle books.
Crock Pot recipes.
Tracing paper.
An afternoon date with David.
Farming with Jonathan.
Carpooling friends.
A renewed computer.
A weekend away with Em.
Coming back home to David and the boys.

Thankful for these and so many more!

holy experience


  1. Jen,
    Have you read the book? I Just got it two days ago and am 1/4 into it. It really makes you take pause and look at your life. In a very good way. Once I'm finished I think I will start with this too. hmmm? Farm app you say. That might be right up our alley : )

  2. oooh, crock pot meals? afternoon dates with hubby? a mom/daughter weekend away? yup, those sure sound like blessings to me!!

  3. I love afternoon dates...we try and have one once a least during the school year.
    We're still loving the tracing paper...Brady asked if he could take some to school on Friday to share with friends. I think he thinks it's a new invention or something!

  4. Lovin' your thankful list this week! :)