Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Story of Us!

Stories are always fun!
Once upon a time, there was me.....
I was a sophomore in High School with lots of great friends and an occasional boyfriend here and there.
I was very involved with school activities....cheerleading, FCA, student government, Young Life, service clubs etc...
On Friday nights, my friends and I would go to a teenage dance club called Dadio's to hang out. It was the place to be. It was safe for the most part, no drinking or drugs to my knowledge and much more "grown up" than the skating rink of the middle school years.

One Friday night...(Prom Night) to be exact. My sophomore friends and I (well the ones of us who did not get asked to the Prom by upper class men) headed to Dadios. We were a little down...but trying to make the best of it.
It was on that night that I saw them. I did say them. Two very cute blond headed boys...dancing and cutting up with their friends.  I recognized them. One of them had been to a football game several months earlier at our High School with one of my really good friends...but she was at the Prom with her new upperclassmen date, of course.
I watched them all night.

The next evening at youth group, I spoke to my friend and said something like this...."Sunnie! You know that boy that you brought to the football game...the one in college? Does he have a twin? Well, I really want to go out with one of them...either one...doesn't matter. Do you think you could help me out?"
A few minutes later, we had the phone book in hand....the problem was that the twins mom had been remarried so we couldn't find them in the phone book...and Sunnie had no idea where she had put their number...but she did know where one of them worked.

A few days later, we got all fixed up and headed over to a sporting good store to meet the twin that she had brought to the football game. While we were there....the other twin walked in! I was not expecting that.
So...we met. As far as I can remember...he had just come from working out. Sweaty and smelly and perfect!He was just coming in to see his brother.  He had no idea what we were doing there.   
Isn't this fun?

The next Friday night...we met again at Dadios. This was when I found out that he had a girlfriend! Oh no! What to do?

The next few times I saw him was very friendly, seemed interested...but spent most of the night with his friends and the girl!

I remember coming home from somewhere....My Mom said "He called!" Oh my gosh. He called and I wasn't home. Sunnie had given his brother my number. She said he was planning to call. I wondered when he would call again. I wondered if I should stay home every night until I got to talk to him.

I don't remember how long it took....but finally he called when I was home.
We talked for an hour. We talked about his family, I remember Dynasty was on tv...he said his grandmother liked to watch that show. He also admitted that he had seen me and my friends watching him at Dadios that night. Ooops! I also found out that his girlfriend wasn't a serious girlfriend. They had just started going out. I was glad to hear that.....but I also heard about another girl at church that he had been going out with a little. Geeez. What in the world?
I was a pretty self-confident girl. My parents always believed in me and I usually got what I wanted eventually. I was holding onto that!

A few weeks after he took that other girl to her High School Prom....and the day after I began to get a little attention from one of his other friends....he stepped it up a notch.
I gave up the other friend of his and he gave up that girl!

We went out on group dates...I went to watch him and his brother play softball...they came over to swim in our neighborhood pool...and so on. Then on August 30th, 1986, we went on our first date! Just the 2 of us!
That was the beginning!
Aren't stories fun? Especially when they are TO BE CONTINUED.......

Today is alphabe-Thursday!
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  1. I am so glad it finally came together.

  2. Love stories are the best:)

  3. Very sweet. I always love hearing "how we met" stories. You and I must be pretty close to the same age since I was also a sophomore in 1986. ;)

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    sandy toe

  7. Nothing like a good love story!


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  9. Very fun.
    Stories with old pictures are always good!

  10. Love this. The suspense of twins. I was wondering which one would be "the one"!

  11. I just love a good love story. THanks for sharing. Those old pics are super cute.

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  14. beautiful story shared.
    keep smiling.

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  18. Oh boy, oh boy!

    I love this romantic little stop on our journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "S".

    This is such a super story, although you are kind of a stinker to make it a 'to be continued'.

    Thanks for the smile and sharing your lovely love story with us.


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