Friday, February 11, 2011

Totally Groovy Dude!!

One of my favorite days....
 Retro Day!
Jonathan is looking super cool with his fab afro and his stylish blouse!
He also had on some sparkly black pants and some make~do platform shoes!
This is the way the 5th graders celebrate Valentine's Day!
There were games, crafts, snacks, prizes and even dancing...
and some really great 70's music blaring in the classrooms.
David was running the Pick~Up~Sticks station.
He has a really great mullet wig, but I couldn't convince him to wear it!
He thought he was just coming to the party to hang out. Ha!
And the teachers really get into it too!
I was in charge of the musical chairs station. It was a bit more dangerous than I remember!
Pushing, sitting on each other and falling on the floor. Yikes!
What a great day!
I'm glad that 2 and 1/2 hours is finally over. 
I'm worn out!
Peace.... Love.... and Happy Friday!


  1. love that headband. . .you look way to young to be the mother of a high schooler. . .

    and how cool of David to get "down" with the kids!

  2. ok, is that YOU with the red white and blue tie dye vest?? At first, I thought it might be his teacher but I thought she looked too young to even be a teacher and I wondered if it was Emily ... then by the end I realized - it's you, right?! Wowza, momma, I'll have what she's having - please tell me where to find the fountain of youth you're drinking from!! What a fun tradition for those 5th graders, they look totally into it!!

  3. Looks like fun!!!
    Your school is so nice. Ours beats us up if we try to take unauthorized pictures!!

  4. What a fun day!!! Love the costumes!!

  5. Wow, they really go all out for Valentine's. I doubt our grade sixer will even wear red. Would have love to see the mullet.

  6. Ok seriously look like his older sister! :)

  7. What a fun day, I love this idea. I'm going to have to suggest something like this to our school. Mister is lookin' pretty cool in that fro wig.

  8. Jonathon definately has the BEST costume!

  9. How fun is that!??! And, I totally agree with Sloan. Pass me some of that water. You look like a kid!

    Oh, and we get in big time trouble if we take out a camera at school too. Totally sucks.

  10. jen...that looks brilliant!!!

    how cool are those clothes...the kids look amazing and you look about 20!! are you sure you had those kids?
    you must have been super gorgeously young!!!

    bet you all had a fab day- teachers are worth their weight in gold aren't they!!

    melissa xx

  11. What a cute idea!! I love it!! You are a fun mom, Jen! hugs, cathy

  12. Hi Jen- the birdseed is mixed with water and unflavored gelatin. I meant to put the source under the photo...I just went back and added it to my blog. We made the mixture up ahead of time since there's not an oven in the classroom! Instead of trying to come up with 17 large cookie cutters, we found heart shaped cupcake throw away pans that we cut up for individual ones.

  13. Omgosh the pictures are so cute and the outfits are GREAT. You are adorable.

  14. I nominated you for Stylish Blogger Award

  15. Groovy party indeed!! =) Love it!! My little girl does not get into spirit days at all... she is in 5th!! =) she does wear PJ's on pajama day!! which is what her class did on Valentines day.. =)