Thursday, February 10, 2011

R is for ...What "are" you Reading?

Some of you know that I am a sporadic in  I don't always have a book I'm really into. I read on vacation...on road trips...and at other random times. This past weekend, Emily and I headed out of town for a volleyball tournament. I did not have time to get to the library before we left, so I ended up reading these.....
I'll say, they kept me pretty entertained...but not as much as a really good novel would have.

Emily had some reading to do also.
Some for pleasure and some for school.

Jonathan and Zac spent the weekend at home.  Jonathan has really gotten into a series that some of you recommended for him over the summer.
I couldn't take a picture of the actual book because he took it to school to read on his breaks.

And Zac and I are reading this book together at night.
We are almost finished.

So~ What are you reading? 
What do you recommend?  I have seen lots of reviews out there in blogland, but my next book will come from a recommendation here, I hope!
And another you read a book the old fashioned way, or do you read on a Nook or a Kindle?
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Today is alphabe-Thursday!
The letter of the day is "R".
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  1. I still read the old fashioned way. I just love actual books themselves and can't bring myself to switch over to a kindle.
    I just finished Jeannette Walls' "Half Broke Horses" and getting ready to start on her other novel, "The Glass Castle".

  2. love this take,
    r u reading lots of books?

    books are awesome soul food.
    stay fit.

  3. I can't quite give up the feel of turning pages! My favorite book of all times, is "The Help" Don't know if you have already read it, but it is amazing. Movie is coming out too!

  4. I just read the latest Baldacci. It was wonderful.

  5. I have heard that The Same Kind of different As Me is an awesome book...I would like to order it. I'm kind of a random reader too...I enjoy reading on vacation or at the pool.
    I will have to look for Invisible Stanley. We are actually going to a used kids book sale tomorrow at Brady's hopefully we'll find some good stuff. Brady is on his 3rd Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

  6. Jen, I am contemplating the Kindle or Nook. Don't know if I can do it! But then I love blog reading, so maybe I will go that route! I am reading "The Little House in the Big Woods" by Laura Ingalls Wilder with my 8 year old. I just finished two Kristin Harmal books and my fave is "Italian for Beginners", read it, you will love it! hugs, cathy

  7. Hi Jen,
    I just finished reading The Secret Daughter. It is about an Indian girl who is adopted by an American couple. The story tells both the life of the mother who gave her up, back in India and the couple in America. It was well written and I learned a lot about the Indian culture. Eldest ended up reading it as well and she too was impressed. I'm sorry I don't know the author as I just returned the book, but she is Canadian, so I'm not sure how easily you would be able to find it. But if you can, I would highly recommend both for you and Emily.

  8. I use a Kindle, but I still read regular books, too.

    I've been reading Patrick Taylor's books, most recently, "An Irish Country Girl: A Novel."

    I liked it!


  9. I love to read! I'm re-reading the last Harry Potter book right now, just finished reading "The Sixth Wife" about Catherine Parr, Henry VIII's last wife.

  10. I used to be an avid reader, and now I "art" a lot of the time. I still read for my book club. February, just finished: "The Severed Head" by Iris Murdoch. Starting "Pearl Buck in China." At the top of my blog, there's a tab to my book reviews {:-Deb

  11. I'm still reading a mystery that I have had in my car for about 4 months so I guess I'm not reading much except blogs.

  12. I LOVE to read, and I'll read just about anything. Right now, I have three girls that I exchange books with and and I just got two bags of books the day before yesterday so I am supah excited! I have never used a Kindle or a Nook...I just read the old fashioned way.

  13. Although I think Kindles are fun, techy gadgets, I read the old fashioned way. Seems funny to be calling a book itsself old fashioned.
    I have come across an amazing author. I used to say I detested mysteries, but I relent...Harlan Coben. I just finished reading 2 of his books "Caught" (read it in two days FANTASTIC!) and "Long Lost" (one wild ride, amazing). Read Caught, I bet you'll love it.

  14. I am currently re-reading Look Homeward Angel, and it is well worth it! I've also read Water for Elephants, and now my husband is reading it. Such an interesting and captivating story!!

  15. I just finished reading Water For Elephants. It's really good. I definitely have recommended Same Kind of Different as Me to everyone I know. It's a life changing book!

  16. I still read regular books. I may change to a kindle one day, but for now I still love the real thing.

    I'm not good to ask about books. I have weird taste. My favorite book is Moby Dick. I'd recommend it but you have to read it for what it is at the time it was written. It's really wonderful. Read it if you have time.

  17. well I got a kindle for my pc , it's a free download and bought a book that was recommended ~dare to live fully right where you are "One Thousand Gifts"-by Ann Voskamp. I haven't got around to reading it yet .

  18. I read books. I don't have a nook so I couldn't tell you if I would. This evening I finished "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society." The story took me away to Guernsey Island off England just after WWII. Except for the last few pages, the story is told through correspondence.

  19. I read books both ways, but my Nook is relatively new to me, so I still tend to go the paper book way.

    My fave book is Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. I recommend that if you haven't read it yet!

  20. I'm an old fashioned sort of reader. There may come a time when I think I'll need an e reader, but for now, with time as valuable as it is, I like the entire experience of reading - the heft of the book, turning the pages etc.
    Right now I'm just finishing The Help and Any Known Blood. I'm about to re-read Memoirs of a Geisha.

  21. I read constantly and always have a book or six on my nightstand. I try to finish one before starting another, but it doesn't always work out that way!

    I have magazines all over the house, most of them are food oriented, and read with coffee, while watching tv, while waiting for the water to boil for tea...I'm fairly addicted.

    I'm waiting for the second generation ipad to come out and then I'm going to try electronic reading..not too sure I'll like it, I do love my books!

  22. I read the old fashioned way. I like the "feel" of a book.
    I enjoyed some of books recommended in the comments:
    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.
    The Glass Castle
    The Help
    Water for Elephants
    loved Broken For You
    I'm in a book club so I read those books. I also listen to books.
    My Alphabe-Thursday was about reading this time as well.

  23. The Help! And Kitchen House were both good reads.

    I have a twenty pound Follett book on my bedside table that might be next in my line up.

    Sometimes I love the luxury of magazines and sometimes they bore me...although I always get excited when I get my Hobby Farm and Mary Jane's Farm magazines in the mail!

    Thanks for a fun link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "R".

    I'm marking down some of these recommendations. Always looking for great reads!