Saturday, December 11, 2010

Leg ask?

"A Christmas Story" is an absolute classic.
We watch it every year.
A few years ago, our community theatre put on the play at Christmas time.
Emily and I went and took my Mom. (It is her very favorite Christmas movie!)
That year my Mom got me a leg lamp.

This year, I put a picture of it on my blog...and many of you commented about it and ask where I got it.
Well, yesterday I saw them. They sell them in Walgreens Pharmacy. $30 I think!
If you really want one and you don't have a Walgreens, let me know. I'll send you one.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. ohhh, I may have to get David one, just for the laugh!!!!

  2. great tip - and better yet, I must have 3 walgreens all within 20 minutes of here!! thanks ;-)

  3. I bought one for my Dad! At Walgreens!! He loves the movie. I think he will crack up!

  4. Get out!! I LOVE it! That is definitely one of my favorite Christmas movies too, we watch the marathon very year on Christmas day. :)

  5. ooooh! i know who I am going to buy this for!! thanks Jen!! hugs, Cathy

  6. Jen,
    Can you believe we haven't seen the movie? We love movies at the Bungalow. I googled it and watched the trailer. We will definitely be making this one of our "Joys" for the next 12 days of Christmas.

  7. LOVE IT!!! Our favorite movie too, we watch it over and over. xoxo

  8. LOL, I love that movie and love that lamp! It's FRAGIIILLLEEE, hahhaa! Must be french ;-)