Friday, December 10, 2010

Another take on Shutterfly...

I'm sure you have seen quite a few posts raving about the fabulous Holiday cards that Shutterfly has to offer.
Probably because Shutterfly is rewarding bloggers with 50 free cards for posting about their products. What a great promotion! Go here today to find the details.

Everyone's favorite Christmas cards are the ones with photos.
Most likely, several of the cards you have already received this year have that cute little logo on the back.
As much as I love their huge selection of  Christmas cards, I thought I'd write about some of the other really neat products that I found when doing my research for this post.

Things like....

Address labels.
For your Christmas cards. 
For everyday use...or to put inside a book that you loan to a friend.
For your son's birthday party invite!
To announce a move!
To announce a baby!
And another Christmas label...because it's so cute!

Thank You Cards.
My daughter's volleyball team is getting sponsors for their team this year.
They'll be sending Thank You cards throughout the season.
The team photo on the front would be perfect, don't you think?

What a great idea, huh?
A folded card would be best so that they could write a personalized message on the inside!

Luggage Tags and other goodies.
I am thinking about how cute this would be on a little girls dance bag....
or a little boys baseball bag...or a big girls volleyball bag, of course.
A deck of cards...
 or a family photo puzzle for the lake house.
I can just see everyone now...looking for the pieces
 to make themselves appear inside the puzzle.

And in case that isn't enough...
I could also tell you about the really fun photo book I made a few years back.
It was a gift to Uncle Michael and Aunt Karen... full of photos and memories of our trip to Disney that we enjoyed because they were kind enough to share their time-share points.

And I could really go on and on about how happy I am to have a safe place online to store and organize my photos. My computer is not a spring chicken anymore and anytime it starts to suffer an attack...I am at peace knowing my memories are safe.

So...if you thought Shutterfly was just for Christmas cards...well, now you know. It's not!

But just in case you are still searching for the perfect photo card for this holiday season....
may I suggest this one.
Or maybe...
There are just too many to choose.
To visit Shutterfly now ...go here!
If not now...then visit soon at

Have a great day!


  1. Hoping I wasn't to late for the freebie deal!:)
    They make some beautiful things!!
    Enjoy the day,

  2. woot woot! nice post, i have drool on my keyboard! so are you going to post on your card? with your cute kids, you have to show us Jen!! hugs, Cathy

  3. hi jen - we do a lot of gifts from shutterfly every year - isn't it amazing all of the things they offer?! We do a wall calendar for my mother as well as a photo book of the vacations we get to spend with her each year - she LOVES them!! Cant wait for everyone to link up their cards, this is a fun time of year in blogland ;-)

  4. Good stuff! I am still in disbelief about getting free 50 cards! I got my special code from Shutterfly yesterday...I can't believe we can get the expensive cards! Woohooo!

  5. Oh I can't believe I didn't think of that!!! CARDS!!! My little girl is going to be in HEAVEN!! =) I really should attempt Christmas cards this year... it is just so exhausting!! haha! =)

  6. Just placed my order for the freebie cards. Can't wait to get them! I think some fun Thank You photo cards would be adorable.

  7. I heart shutterfly. Big fan.