Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kids and Kodak Moments!

Do you find it impossible to orchestrate the moment in which you obtain the perfect Christmas photo?

I remember the scene in Cheaper by the Dozen (love that movie) where all 12 (minus 1...Nora had to be photoshopped in) piled up on the front porch to create the family photo. Each one of them grumbling and complaining, teasing and hitting and complaining some more...and then was done.

Now that my children are getting older...meaning that they don't change much from June to December....I determine to take that perfect photo while on our summer vacation.
Last year, I did so...and when the Christmas cards came, us in our summer suits on a sunny beach, I just couldn't send them out. It just didn't fit the season. I retook the photo on a snowy day...and sent out "Happy New Year" cards instead.

On Tuesday, I was determined to get this years photo without all of the fuss.
First, I warned them 3 days in advance...and reminded them that morning.
I explained that they would not be able to wear sweatshirts and athletic shorts.
I also promised to give them each 2 dollars afterward..and to the best behaved...I'd add another!

But, the best part, I did not plan.
The was 31 degrees.
When it is that cold...and we are not used to cold in Carolina...the top priority is to finish the photo shoot and get back to the warmth.
No fighting or hitting, no grumbling...just freezing.
They even snuggled up to each other a bit more to keep warm...which made for some really nice shots.

They do look really cold, don't you think?
I still have some editing and tweaking to do of course, but I am super pleased....
not only with the photos, but also with the kiddos.
And in case you are wondering...
Zac got the extra dollar!

Have a great day!
Stay warm!
Today is alphabe-Thursday!
The letter of the day is 'K'.
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 Jenny Matlock  


  1. they do look a little chilly:)

    but great shots! Nice background!

  2. Man, that really IS cold for Carolina - geez! Hey, whatever it takes to get 'em to cooperate, my little bug is a huge pest about having photos taken, so I get it!! Great pics!!

  3. Oh! those pictures are super sweet! I especially love the one with the smooch from sis & the one where she's covering their eyes : )

    Your weather looks delightful... it was 3 degrees this morning here - it's a balmy 5 now!!

    happy thursday

  4. Very cute. I wanted to do ours Tuesday too, but could not locate all the kids. You have inspired me. I even think I will offer a bribe as well!!

  5. They all look great! Bribery works like a champ!

  6. I love the one where your daughter is hiding the boys faces! Great photos Jen!

  7. How will you ever decide which one to use? They are so cute. You may to use more than one! I love the one where she's giving a big sister kiss & the one where she's hiding their faces. Looks like you have lots of winners to choose from!

  8. Too weird...last year I had a summer vacation picture picked out for our Christmas card and then just couldn't go through w/ it either! For some reason I think I need a winter one! Maybe we should send Christmas in July cards?!
    Great pictures! Emily's hair is so so pretty!

  9. I like the face hider also!

  10. The photos are so cute. How are you going to decide which one to use?

  11. Super cute pictures! I especially love the one of your daughter holding her brothers heads. :)

  12. I really like the hat and reindeers. Getting them all together and finding a shot you like is the hardest thing to do. I have very few shots of my three together. Good for you. You've inspired me to give it a try. I've never thought of bribing. I think it might work. Laughed when I saw sis's hair in brothers face. And the kiss one is a great one too with his expression telling the whole story.

  13. Yay for Zac and yay for these awesome pictures of your kiddos! Love them!!

  14. Really cute! And I like that they look a little chilly. Hey, it's winter, right?


  15. I love candid shots, and your photos are just fantastic.

  16. What great favs are the 4th & 5th one down:-)

  17. They turned out beautifully! It is amazing what a few dollars will get ya! :D

  18. you managed to get some really great shots! love the one where she is covering their eyes! such a sense of playfullness is conveyed!

  19. Very cute!

  20. At least you can bribe, I have two year old twins and one always turns away as I click, so I taught them to say 'cheese' and now they only have to see the camera and they start grinning like Cheshire cats 'cheeeeeese'
    Beautiful children you have there and a stunning background

  21. You did get some nice shots! They actually look like they're having fun.

  22. What wonderful shots. This whole post just made me smile!

    Thanks for sharing your family with us and giving us such a joyful stop this week on Alpahbe-Thursday!

    You are so much fun to visit.