Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decking the halls...still in process!

Aren't you just loving the blogosphere these days!
So many festive decorating ideas, yummy recipes and crafty projects!
We are still in the process of decorating over here.
I thought I'd share a little sampling of some of our decorating traditions. 
Adding some Christmas cheer to the kitchen table.
Our advent calendar.
As much as I would love to have a cute little hand~made advent something...
my kids love this simple chocolate one.
They take turns and share...all on their own.
Little snow globes are hanging out in all sorts of places.

Frames of us from Christmas pasts are hanging around too.
Our mantle is simple.
Just a wreath and our stockings.

A candle is decorated and the music box is out.

A leg lamp...some Angels and an ornament display!
A crazy collection, I know!
The Christmas Village...collected over many years.
Nothing matches. Some are big, some are small.
Some came from Department stores...others from the dollar store. 

Yesterday Zac said, "Hey Dad...if I were a wizard,
 I would turn myself tiny and I'd play with all those
little people....and I would skate and ride the train."
I just love that!
Wouldn't that be so much fun!

Our decorating continues.
We are almost finished with the outside lights.
I'm picking up a few more sets today to complete the last project! (I hope!)
We go a little overboard, but hey....
It's a tradition around here!

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  1. Thanks for linking up with Shannon & I for HTT! We are glad to have you play along.

    Loving the leg lamp in the middle of the decor, too funny!!

    I love the picture of you lil helper! Thanks for shaing your beautiful Christmas images with us and letting us peak into your world this time of the year:)

  2. Hi Jen

    Nice decoration!


  3. I want a leg lamp! Those are fantastic.

    I remember thinking the same thing as Zac when I was little. awesome

  4. It all looks so fun. (Yes. I am loving the blogs or decorations.)
    I have got to get me a leg lamp!

  5. I love the leg lamp such great memories it holds for everyone.

  6. Zac's comment is what Christmas is all about. Don't they play with action figures and stuff the rest of the year? But there's just something about Christmas that's different.
    Thanks for linking.

  7. Thanks for linking up! I love that you have a leg lamp like the one in the Christmas Story movie! That's classic! Have a great Tuesday, Jen!

  8. Everything looks terrific. What a sweet statement by Zac. So adorable. Love that leg lamp, cracking me up. Your mantle looks so nice, all the stockings hanging in a row! Don't those pictures from Christmases past get you all choked up? I can't believe how much the kids have grown since those early photos.

  9. ok, I totally love all of the little villages I keep seeing in bloggy land - so cute! But the bets part of this post has to be the leg lamp from A Christmas Story ... seen that movie 100 times at least - and still love it every single time ;-)

  10. ..skate & ride the train~precious!! i love how simple, yet meaningful, you keep it Jen!

  11. Lovin' your decorations, especially the village!

  12. Everytime I walk by my own village now, I think of Zac wanting to shrink and visit. . too cute!

    and that leg lamp, wow! where in the world did you find that?

  13. Your mantle looks so cute! We used to have one in our old house...I miss that even though I felt I never got it right! I just don't have that decorating eye!
    Zac has a great imagination...I think our boys would get along!

  14. Looks really good! The leg lamp is so much fun, too.


  15. I love all of your Christmas decorations. They are so festive. I love seeing how differently everyone decorates.