Monday, December 6, 2010

1000 gifts...picking up where I left off.

Blessings and simple treasures #51-60.

Hand~made Christmas ornaments.
Buddy, the Elf!
Craft stores....and craft store coupons.
Young Life camp!
White lights!
Colored lights!
Hot Chocolate with marshmallows.
The first Christmas card that shows up in the mailbox.
The Book Fair.
A day of rest!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season.
We  have so much to be thankful for....I am happy to be reminded of a few of those things today.
Enjoy the blessings around you daily!

holy experience


  1. Young life camp... whoa!~! that took my head back 20 plus years! he he!

    Love you Christmas tree trimming pics!! ;)
    Loving the magic of the season... enjoying family!

  2. great list, jen! we have that same pink fairy ornament that's right in the center of this pic, so cute ;-)

  3. Your tree makes ours look naked!
    We're enjoying hot chocolate too...maybe a little too much! I set up a permanent hot chocolate station on the kitchen counter...probably not my best idea! ;)

  4. Love Buddy the elf!
    And December is definitely my favorite month to check the mail, I love finding Christmas cards waiting in there. :)
    Love you tree!

  5. I adore getting Christmas cards! Love you list, and your picture of your Christmas tree

  6. We got our first Christmas card from my 25 year old bachelor cousin! I thought it was so sweet and I cannot wait to get the mail everyday. I also love Buddy the elf soooooo much!

  7. LOVE getting Christmas cards!! Jen,in response to your comment on my blog post, it works on miniature lights. if you have a strand that has 20 lights out, you use it on it & it re-sets the ones that are out & they are miraculously lit! i have no idea how it works! all i know is that if you use mini lights, then you have to have it!!

  8. oh, such a wonderful list Jen!

    Love them all, especially that day of rest! Nothing like a day to recoup!

  9. I love the book fair. I am heading there on Thursday. Woo hoo.