Friday, October 8, 2010

Chili Recipe anyone?

On Tuesday, I am responsible for bringing the pre-game meal for the volleyball team. I was planning to bring a pasta dish, salad, bread and fruit!
Emily informed me last night that the girls would love to have a baked potato bar...and chili!
I love the idea...but I do not love my chili recipe enough to serve it to 14 teenage girls.
I'm hoping I can count on someone out there to help me find the perfect pot of chili!
I need something tried and true...not too spicy hot...not too gourmet.
Send me an email or the link to the recipe...whatever works for you!


  1. It isn't gourmet at all, but my kids LOVE my secret family recipe French's Chili-O! I made it just like the directions on the package!
    Good Luck with whatever you choose. Have a good weekend.

  2. my recipe is sort of a dump and let cook, but my kids love it.

    1 lb ground beef (you can use more or less)
    1 medium onion chopped
    1 t minced garlic
    2 Tsp chili powder
    cook these together until the meat is brown.
    drain grease
    add the following to the meat mixture in a large pot and cook on medium heat for at least one hour.
    2 cans (29oz can)crushed tomatoes
    1 can (29 oz)diced tomaotes
    1 can (28 oz)Bushs chili beans (I use the mild)
    2 TSP brown sugar
    salt to taste (start with 1 teaspoon but you might have to add more)
    chili powder to taste (again I just add it until it seems the right amount)

    I also sometime add a can of mexican corn and black beans. I may have the ozs wrong, but its the big cans of tomatos and the big can of beans or you can use two of the smaller cans of beans. Email me if you have questions. .

  3. Here in Canada, we have chili seasoned diced tomatoes. One lg can of those with 1lb beef. I rinse mine after its browned so that it is beyond lean, then another can of red kidney beans also rinsed and I call it a day. We have it often and season it to taste. Some like hot sauce others salt and pepper. We always have a bowl of shredded light med cheddar to garnish.
    Good luck,

  4. Your header is so CUTE!! (I mean scary!)
    How do you get such fancy writing in Scrapblog?

    Can't help you with the chicken recipe...there's only two things my hubby will not eat and chili is one of them! The potato bar sounds so fun! You'll have to get pictures!

  5. Sorry, Jen - no chili recipe ... but darn that new October header is GREAT!!

  6. love your new header! do you have the "not your mothers slowcooker cookbook"...there are a few great chili recipes..check it out!

  7. My recipe has beer in it. Not sure you want that one. You might end up boozing it up in the kitchen like I did! :)

  8. Sorry no help here but if you get a good one pass it on. :)

  9. Let me know if you need a super easy chili recipe. I have one tried and true that mom used and now we make all the time. It's so quick and simple! Good luck Chef Momma!

  10. So glad you found me so I could come back and follow you! I'm sure you have your recipe but you can put this in the back of your mind for another time. Mine is so easy. It was my mom's recipe and she has since passed. My kids love it. Now this is just for a large stock pot. You can always double for bigger crowds. If I make it in a crock pot. I leave it on low for hours!

    1 lb ground beef browned
    2 cans stewed tomatoes chopped with all juice
    2 large green bell peppers chopped
    1 large onion chopped
    2 cans dark red kidney beans and juice
    4 stalks celery chopped
    dash of garlic salt
    chili powder I shake until it covers the top then stir in

    You want to cook it until the veggies are soft
    I then make monkey bread and serve that with it. Something about the sweet taste of the bread and chili are the perfect combo!