Thursday, October 7, 2010

C is for "Catch!"

I have this very unusual gift!
I am able to catch almost anything that is tossed to me. Strange, but yes. My family laughs every time it happens because I rarely miss. Things like keys, a pen, a water bottle, a piece of fruit, a shoe, even a camera tossed from the middle of a creek onto a rocky is just weird. I think it happens mostly now...because I if I know that I will catch I do.
This weekend we were playing a game of family football on the beach. I ran to the endzone and got open three times....the ball was thrown right to me and I dropped it every time.
Then I heard Emily say, "It's weird, Mom catches everything we throw to her...except the football, hmmm?"
I heard that and I thought about it for a moment.  The next play, we did the same thing. I ran to the endzone, got open, and yelled for the QB to throw to me. He threw it....and I caught it! Yes!!!
So what does that mean?
There is real power in what we believe about ourselves. Who we are and what we are capable of achieving. This little incident spoke volumes to me...and I really hope that I will be able to remember it the next time I doubt or even question my ability or worth.
It is not about football or catching little trinkets. It is about me...believing in me.
Remember who you are...and what you've come through...and what you've meant to those around you.

Today's alphabe-Thursday!
"C' is the letter of the day.
To read more, head on over to Jenny Matlock's blog.
Jenny Matlock


  1. Jen, this is so great. . .the power of positive thinking but applied to ourselves!

    The word catch will have a whole new meaning for me!

  2. The power of thought mm I must try it . When I look in the mirror and thnink me thin lol good post

  3. Very sweet post. It is so true, we can do almost anything if we believe in ourselves!

  4. The power of positive thinking is greater than we can comprehend..I enjoy your post!

  5. Here Here!
    Well said Jen.

  6. Wonderful message, Jen. And I liked the way you conveyed it here.


  7. Holy Cow, Jen, I had SEVEN posts to catch up on over here! How fun is that?! I love the story about Coach Mike moving in after having them over to dinner, that's great! The field trip to Ikea and 5th grade Retro Day looked like a whole lot of fun too ... geez, you've been busy!! But THIS post is really my fave ... I love it, and it's so true - thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I really needed to hear that today..

    Didn't expect to get so much wisdom out of class today, but for some reason, several of the posts seem to be written especially for me!

    This is certainly one of them..

  9. This is wonderful.You drew wonderful meaning from this one simple act.

  10. Excellent post, Jen. I've never been great at catching but I do have my assets. I think, sometimes, we tend to forget them - or we down play them.

  11. So true!! And so great that you actually thought about it at that moment.

  12. Boy did I need to hear this today too! It is so easy to let others and circumstances make you doubt yourself. But deep in my heart I know I can do anything I really really want too! I love a positive thinking but really need the reminders lately! Great post!

  13. I liked this post - great message, and a clever way of doing it. I need to remember this better than I do.

  14. I love it! That is so true! I have doubted myself more lately, but I made a breakthrough today with one of my students...and I think I was able to do it because I believed I could and went into the situation with that attitude! So YAY for us!

  15. Can you really Jen? That is so cool. I can hit almost anything I mean to, but I almost always miss it when I'm catching it. Boy, if we could combine our skills we could be a pro-basketball...oh...never mind!

    This was such a fun and happy link to Alphabe-Thursday!

    Great picture!

    Thanks for linking.


  16. Great C post! How nice. :)

  17. How wonderful! What a great post! I like the photo that you linked as well as the story.

  18. Ha! I just read your post over at Denton Sanatorium, and I noticed this post on your sidebar. It made me think of another blog I read and post to often - Jenny Matlock's! Funny - looks like we have a few things in common! :) Have a great day!