Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feeling crafty over here!

I'm excited to say...I've been a little crafty. And Christmas crafty at that!
Tonight is Senior Night for the volleyball team. All of the under classmen players contributed money for a Senior gift, but I also wanted Emily to have something of her own to give the girls!
I was shocked to find some really cute volleyball ornaments at Michaels (in the dollar section...Yes!)
Craft stores always seem to have soccer, basketball and football covered, but volleyball....not so much...so I was thrilled. (And just in case you're wondering...they had football and basketball ornaments too!)
I did a little fixer upper to the ornaments. Added the players names and numbers on one side and the team name and year on the other.
I think they turned out really cute!

Now I'm off to prepare for the pre-game meal.
Baked potato bar with all the fixins (butter, sour cream, cheese, chili, and bacon bits)
a big ol' salad and chocolate covered strawberries.
Thanks for all the yummy chili recipes. I knew I could count on you!
Have a great day!

Decor Mamma



  1. Hi Jen!

    The girls will cherish these adorable ornaments for many years to come. That's a healthy and yummy menu for the pre-game meal.

    Go Lady Bulldogs! La

  2. love those ornaments. . .what a great thing for Emily to give them!

    Have a fun time with the food!

  3. Oh Jen, those are so CUTE! You have great handwriting! And you're right...football, soccer and basketball is everywhere and the other sports not so much. I bet Emily's teammates will love them!
    Good luck with the food tonight! I'm sure your day will be spent prepping all that stuff!

  4. Super cute!! I just found a volleyball shirt for my nieces that says, "Girls with Balls". Love it!

  5. Those are cute. Great idea!!

  6. Those are adorable! I am sure the girls will be absolutely thrilled to get them! So cute!

  7. Great idea. They look perfect:)

  8. Super cute crafty goodness!
    I need a trip to Hobby Lobby...I SO want to make something!!
    Enjoy the day

  9. Cutest gifts EVER!! Our sport is figure skating and, like the volleyballs, that's another one that's kind of hard to find (it's all hockey ...) ... I am so envious of your incredible score to find those volleyballs and turn them into such BEAUTIFUL AND THOUGHTFUL gifts!!! LOVE!

  10. Really cute ornaments! I remember when my daughter would get things like that for her water polo team parties. She still has some of them today and she has great memories. Great job!

  11. jen -they are totally brilliant!!

    & they will mean soo much to the gals...real keepsakes to bring out every christmas!!

    & now you're cooking up a storm....such a wonderful mum...

    melissa xx

  12. Okay.......where'd ya get those ornaments? I need to pick one up for my Emily.
    However, she is no longer playing volleyball, she is into riding these days. I think she's gotten burned out on the competition part of volleyball. She loves the game itsself though.

  13. Those are SO cute!! What a cool idea! Now I want to go do something crafty...or eat a baked potato. :)

  14. Cute ornaments! So...how was the chili? What recipe did you use? I've been on a chili/stoup kick lately so if it was good, please do share.

  15. That is SO great! I am going to try this for my son's basketball team.

  16. These are soooo cute and THRIFTY! I just love the dollar section at Michael's...I went a little crazy buying loads of items last you after Christmas when they marked down that section to 5 for dollar! Hop over and share your gifts at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY...hope to see you there. You have a new friend...it's me:)


  17. Love these! My oldest daughter plays volleyball and loves it. My youngest daughter has been practicing with her and loves it! They would both LOVE these as their Christmas ornament this year. I will have to check out Michael's around here and see if they have them.

    Partying with you tonight. Stop by for a quick visit.