Monday, October 25, 2010

1000 Gifts....

"A dare to live fully...right where I am!"

A heart spilling over with gratitude!
Recording treasures, gifts, joys and graces....
in an effort to see all these things more clearly! 
A late afternoon on the beach.
Mornings in the car with Emily.
Playing tickle monster and sniffy dog with Zac.
Snuggling up with Jonathan in the big chair.
The smell of fresh cut grass.
Sleeping in when it's raining outside.
Cool, sunny fall mornings...on the soccer field.
Sitting out on the "veranda" ...driveway...with David.
Forgiveness...and the words "I'm sorry."
Friends that share....and having something to share with them.

990 more graces to go!

Happy Monday!
Thankful me,

holy experience


  1. love your list Jen!

    I so enjoy the time to school with my kids. . .it's kind of fun this week because Drew is gone and it is just Jake and I!

  2. Hey, we do tickle monster (and hair monster!) too! What a great quote!

  3. how nice to take time to count your blessings, especially on a dreary monday - loved reading these!

  4. Amen to it all!!

  5. I love reading these lists, so much to be thankful for in each day!! Have a great rest of the week!

  6. Love it! Beautiful photo too!

  7. where did the 1000 gifts idea come from? tell us more...great list!