Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friday Night lights....the next 11 years!

This week we realized...we will have a high school student in our home for the next 11 years!
We will be Bulldog fans at least that long!
That means lots and lots of football games....
and tailgating with friends!

 Look at all that food!
 If only we had more time!
 David and Mr Poppy
 The high school students....only over here because there is food...of course!
 We are wearing pink to show our support! It's Breast Cancer Awareness night!
Cute boys...making a mess in the back of the truck!
 They need lots of energy for the hill climbing and rolling!
While the parents and students watch the game.
Bulldogs take the Panthers....40 - 0! Oh yeah!

Does there have to be a football game to have a tailgate party?

Enjoy these days!


  1. Oh I love H.S. Football!!
    The band, the fans, the excitement.
    It's gonna be awhile for us though!
    Never had tailgating at our H.S. games!
    Enjoy the day

  2. I never knew anyone tailgated at the highschool games! Looks like fun! It's also more fun when you actually know the kids who are playing...we have a ways to go for that too!
    Cute title...we LOVE that show!

  3. We are the Bulldogs too! Only we are usually on the losing end of things like 55-0! OUCH!
    It's a little painful to watch at times. But fun to be part of the crowd!

  4. It's so funny, but these photos may as well be from our town ... the hs football games are also a big deal here, our hs kids look just the same (cute kids that travel in groups), and our colors are even red and black!! Love the siblings sneaking extra soda in the tailgate ... that happens here too ;-) For now, we're still somewhat removed from it but I know it's just a matter of time!! Fun pics!!

  5. Oh wow! Who would have thought there was tailgating at HS football. That's awesome. Looks like an amazing spread too. You are a cool family.

  6. I LOVE HS football games. Growing up they were soooo much fun! My boys won't play, but still fun to go and be part of the community.

  7. 40-0?!? You crushed them!

    What a fun night. We have a while before HS around here. By then, I'll be too old to tailgate. :( IRL meet-up is a MUST! Definitely let me know when you're heading this way. Do you know where the tournament is? Is it at a HS? I'm soooo excited! Do they tailgate for volleyball games too?

  8. Our last two games are this week, and I'm already missing them! Enjoy!
    And explain to me why you always look so dang darling in every picture?

  9. Eleven years? That's a lot of tailgates. Go Bulldogs! La

  10. I loved when my kids were in high school, and I loved going to my son's football games and my daughter's water polo games. Good times.

  11. i think there will be some pretty awesome times in your future! forgot to mention how I love your new header!!! you look adorable in that pink jacket...we did the same thing a few weeks ago at our football game..awesome! hugs,Cathy