Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do you ever start to do something....

then get totally side tracked?
Yesterday....I went into the bonus room to clean up a giant mess. While I was putting a few things away...I found the box of Halloween decorations that I had been meaning to find.
I left my even bigger know the mess that gets way worse before it gets do a little decorating.
I have never in my life decorated my mantel for Halloween...not ever. Of course, I have never been blogging this time of year either...until this year.  You all know what that means, right? I have seen so many cute and scary ideas. I was inspired to turn my mantel into the spooky, but not too spooky scene you see here!

I used only the items I already had.
The crafting looked like this!

 I found a couple of Halloween photos from previous years to temporarily add to this frame.
 This is our friendly spider that giggles when you squeeze his belly. We've had him for years!
I had spray painted these rocks to add to the pumpkin decorations on the porch...
but I thought I'd use them here instead!

It's not the best in Blog Land by any means...but my family loves it!
I had a lot of fun and I'm glad it was done in time for the kids to find it when they got home.

But.....oh no....that big mess is still there waiting for me.
I hope I do not get side tracked again!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the Halloween pennent garland. I bet I can do that.

  2. that happens to me all the time. . .start one thing and find something else more fun to do!

    Looks like Halloween!

    Love the photos of the kids!

  3. nuh uh, never happens around here ;)

    Love the Halloween decorations, they're cute!!

  4. Jen it looks great!!
    I especially love the paper bunting!
    Enjoy the weekend

  5. i love the kiddos went mad for it!!

    i did ours whilst kids at last day of school bf half term spider web alas...i love that on yours....

    kids very happy!!

    happy weekend jen...melissa xx

  6. That looks soooo good! I bet your kids loved to see that when they got home. I love the garland.

    I always get side tracked. Especially when I'm in a decorating mood.

    Have a good weekend.

  7. WOW, Jen, it looks so good!! That's being sidetracked in a good way ... it turned out great!!

  8. Love the pennant! And, yes. I have total design ADD. That's why my house is in all states of decoration. It's not pretty.

  9. Your mantel looks great! Super job on the pennant! And cute cute on the clock!

  10. Cute!! I like the pennant, and it's all done with paper!

  11. It looks fantastic

    All I ever do is get sidetracked. all. of. the. time

  12. the mantel looks super cute Jen!! Looks like you are having a fantastic Fall!