Thursday, September 9, 2010

Words are wonderful....

Books are beautiful...
And reading is truly magic!  
                                                       Mr. Witt ( The best elementary school principal ever!)

Sloan over at Lucky as a LadyBug shared this post last week. She asked about our favorite books. I knew I wanted to answer in a post of my own. Thanks Sloan for the inspiration.

These are some of our favorite Pop-Ups. I must have read them all 300 times!
We love Franklin and Clifford books. This crate is full of them.
P.D. Eastman is one of our favorite authors.I love these early readers.
This was one of my favorites as a child.
We have this great collection of Arthur books that we have read over and over again as well.
Jonathan started reading these Wayside School books in the third grade....
and this is when his independent reading really took off!
Louis Sachar and Andrew Clements are our favorite chapter book authors right now.
Of course, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Stink are popular in our house too!
And our toddler Bibes are just about worn out!

I wish I could say my children just love to read. The truth is they don't.
They do it because they are required to read 20 - 30 min. each night. 
Every now and then, the mood will strike them and they'll read a little longer because they are into a good series or they want to see what happens next.
I still enjoy reading to the boys and sometimes Emily will join me in my bed at night...and we'll read side by side. For her, it is usually a fashion magazine.

Loving that we end our days together with a book!
Loving that we have so many choices,
even though we still read the same ones over and over again!


  1. I saw some Judy Blume books in your favorite growing up. I just picked up Fudge and Super Fudge. I've never heard of Zac reading those?
    Love this guys have a LOT of books!

  2. Wayside School books were big when I was teaching. And we've read all the Stink books too. :)

    My Big Ballerina is the same way. She doesn't love to read, but will read longer than she has to when she's into a good book. This summer we started reading the same book together so I could push her past the series books that were getting too young for her. We're reading When You Reach Me now. It's a bit strange and confusing, but I know it's going to tie together in the end.

  3. morning jen...

    three things....
    1.are you my mother is the all time greatest kids book ever 5 yr old is endlessly read- as the other two were- my copy form whrn i was 5 on a weekly basis!
    2. those movie-don't-sneak-in-food-rules are rubbish!! i couldn't agree with you more!! it already costs a fortune!!
    3. kiddo meals ARE just smaller versions of the same meal in most restaurants so WHAT is the problem!!!

    i may just order a kids meal for myself next time and dare the waiter to ask me my age!!

    it's good to have a whinge about rules every now and again!
    thanks ...i actually feel better for it!!

    melissa x

  4. Duh! Just realized you said JONATHON is reading the Wayside books in 3rd grade! See, that's why I'm not a big reading retention/attention is not the best! :)

  5. Maybe you will win my give away and be able to add another very fun book to your collection!

    Never heard of the Wayside series, wondering if Annika would like those?

    I love hearing what everyone elses favorite books are!

  6. Aw, thanks for the shout out Jen ;-) ... I see we have a ton of crossover books like the PD Eastman books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, the Judy Blume books ... I also spotted Danny and the Dinosaur and Sammy the Seal - love those!! It's funny ... I said my kids love to read - and they do - but it's only with what THEY want to read, they don't seem to like being TOLD what to read ... we struggled through summer reading this year, ugh!

    Your timing is eery b/c we actually read The Little House at bedtime last night, just as in my original post ... funny, huh?! Thanks again ...

  7. Absolutely wonderful. Truly one of life's greatest treasures. BOOKS!
    You have to get your boys the Five Ancestors series. My son David and I love them. Jeff Stone is the author.

  8. Great post Jen! Thanks for starting this Sloan! I have to join in sometime. :) We have SO many of the same books! I love how you and Emily read together at night. So sweet! <3

  9. I love reading and hope to instill it into my children. There are so that Aidan kale even has memorized! He is three! I think it is adorable!

  10. I've always loved to read. I only have 1 out of 3 kids who love it though. I've always thought that was odd, since I made such a point to read a lot to them when they were small. I love to collect beautiful children's books, so when the grandkids come I have a lot to choose from. I've always loved The Giving Tree, On The Night You Were Born, and, of course, Goodnight Moon. But really, so many others - too many too choose just one favorite!

  11. I love that you read every night to your kids. It is such an incredible bond and memory.

    What is STINK? Why haven't I heard of that? Is it middle-grade boy?

  12. I love childrens cooks and you have a great collection!! I read to my kiddies everynight. It's a great bonding time.

  13. My little girl is a lover of books! She reads so much it amazes me! ;) my little man... we are working on him! ha ha! I must look into the Landry News books.. interesting! We have read or had many of the books on your shelf~ ;) didn't see any Nate the Great.. do you know Nate the Great?!! they make me laugh! 1st/2nd grade reading level! love em!! I love books! You can never have too many!