Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Stupid Silly Rules!

There are certain things that go unspoken around here!

We sneak snacks into the movie theater, even though we know it is not allowed.
We have Jonathan and Emily ( at times) order off the kids menu even though they are both obviously over 10.
We sign practice records when we know the instrument was never even taken out of the case.
And sometimes we say "we can't" when we really just don't want to.

I believe in being honest and upright and all that, but I also believe that some rules are just stupid. Yeah, I said it.
I mean... it costs enough to take your famly to watch a movie these is ridiculous to pay some $40 more dollars to share popcorn and each have a drink. Disney World lets you bring in coolers for goodness sake!
And isn't a kids meal just a smaller portion? Anyone should be able to choose to have a smaller portion, right?
And about the instrument. Some nights, it's just too late ....after school, soccer, volleyball, homework, dinner, baths, demand a 30 minute practice session.
And of course, "I just don't want to" is never a good enough excuse!

I usually don't complain, I know, but lately we've been spending a fortune to pay for our boys to get into the volleyball games. We are going to watch our daughter play. We can't leave the boys home we bring them with us.  They mostly play with their itouch and silly bands or run around in the lobby and eat snacks that they bought from the concession stand.
$5 admission each x 4 people. There are 30 games.
Seems they should at least give a discount for the kiddos. 

What rules do you feel are just silly ~ and almost demand to be broken?
I know I'm not the only one.


  1. It isn't so much a rule as a task. Word Searches. I am telling any teacher right now if you send one home with my kid, all of us will do it. They serve no purpose and they take too long!! We will cheat.

  2. you know I cheat when it comes to getting into the beach!!! but, yes we sneak food into movies and bring baggies so that we can all share a large and then get a free refill! and my older kids hate it when we say. . .order from the kids menu, but then they get soda instead of water so usually that helps sway them!

  3. I always follow the rules.....hahahha!
    We take our own popcorn into the movie too...heck, we can barely afford to get into the movie let alone get snacks too!
    I can't think of any rules I break off the top of my head right now...but I'm, sure the next time I break one...I will think of YOU! :)

  4. Oh my! You're going to spend $600 on watching your daughter play volleyball!! Not to mention everything else you've spent on her playing volleyball already. I'm all for breaking the movie theatre rules, but honestly, that popcorn they make is soooooo good, I have to buy some. Our theatre lets you buy a take home bucket then refill it for $2.50 each time you come, it's really a bargain when you have to have that movie popcorn like me.

  5. I'd be mad about that, too ... yikes ...
    we're back in the groove as of today ... but since my card reader isn't working, it'll be a while before I can post about it, but at least we're off and running!

  6. You should ask your AD about a family season pass. I know that my hubs has passes and I think they are like $125 for a season. Check into it.

  7. Oh, the bringing food into a movie goes without saying. As long as it isn't something stinky that will bother people. RedVines - mmmmm... My inlaws once snuck in Kentucky Fried Chicken - it must have been one huge purse.

  8. Okay here's something funny. I totally (HONESTLY) thought it was okay to bring your own food treats to the movies. Emily and I went to the movies last week and we went to buy popcorn. The guy says, "Is that it, just popcorn, you don't want anything to drink?" I said, "No, we brought our own drinks." Emily starts choking on something and gives me an, "Are you out of your mind?" look. The guy looks at me, laughs and then says, "I didn't hear a thing."
    I look at him kind of funny (not getting it), walk off with my popcorn and then get blasted by my daughter who says, "Why would you tell them that?"
    Anyway....I didn't know it was not "Kosher", but now I do, so I can't use that excuse anymore.
    My next excuse is......I don't care if it's Kosher or not. I'm not paying $63.00 for movie tickets, then another $60.00 at the concession stand, so Kosher or not....I'll confess at the pearly gates when the time comes.

  9. We are so with you on the movie thing. As for other rules that I think are stupid...hmm? Can't think of any. Must be tired. I'm always complaining about logic being thrown out the window and red tape and all that. I'll probably wake up tonight ticked about something now : )

  10. My mom always took me out of school to go shopping or just hang out with her, always her idea, I never asked. She'd send me back to school the next day with a note that said, "Barbara needed some R&R". I of course knew this was not an excuse that was legitimate, and I always took 0's on those days. I never told her that. Somehow I graduated and also got to spend great days with my mom. I'm one that now wishes I could take my kids out whenever I want to, I wish there was a little more wiggle room in the school system.

  11. OMG, I just love this, because we do everything you just stated! lol I just started bringing our own snacks to the theatre, and what a difference! You make valid points for each rule!

    Wow, the volleyball game admittance price is ridiculous! They should allow kids in free, especially if they go to that school district. If they need to charge, then it needs to just be $1. I'm so sorry and I'm not looking forward to that at all! It's funny that anyone can attend an outdoor sporting event for school, like baseball, softball, track, soccer, etc., for free, but the gym sports cost so much!