Friday, September 10, 2010

Bloggy Goodness....and a Giveaway!

I recently won this cute apron and necklace from Susan over at Five Great Kiddos.
Since starting to blog, I have also won a jammin' CD from Anna, some really yummy peach jam/syrup from Jen at Denton Sanitorium, a really cool camera strap (that is waiting patiently for a nice camera to be worn on) from Mandy at Mom of Two Boys and some really cute note cards  from Karen at Stairstep Boys.

Even though now it seems that I must be in this for the loot....
I really have gotten so much joy out of blogging that I thought I'd share some thoughts on bloggy goodness!

B is for Blogger. It has been so much fun to learn to create something on my own. I have never been computer savy, but Blogger has been fairly easy for me to use.
L is for lots and lots of great ideas. I have enjoyed sharing and taking some great ideas from so many of your creative minds. Things from recipes and the latest great book reads.
O is for online! A scrapbook that I can show my friends as often as they wish to see it! A journal that I can continue anywhere there is a WIFI connection....and then there are your scrapbooks and journals that I can read and enjoy online as well.
G is for the gallery of beautiful photos and inspirational posts that I enjoy viewing and reading. I long to take those gorgeous photos and tweek them just right with some fancy photo tools....and I long to grow as a writer to share feelings and emotion just as so many of you do!
G is also for my growing number of followers. I remember blogging just for me...then someone followed (It was Cathy from Checkitoff) and that's when I got really excited....and wanted to post more just for her to read. Ha! I really can't believe 100 people have clicked that follow button!
Y is for YOU!  Thanks for visiting, reading, commenting and sharing this little journey with me. I feel like I have made some wonderful friends that I look forward to seeing  and hearing from each morning and evening! You have encouraged me and I have been touched and inspired by so many of you!

G is for grammar and my lack of knowng how to use it! Thank you for letting me use "........." and "~ " to pretend to be talking rather than writing. And I know you should never start a sentence with "so", but I really like to...because I tend to talk that way!
O is for the opposite of fast, which is slow....and that is what I'm hoping this blog will help me do. Slow down and look around. Live intentionally. Notice things and keep records. Take more pictures and tell more stories. Share my thoughts and keep it real!
O is also for the opportunity to blog hop and mingle and meet folks that I would never be able to meet otherwise. To read a comment somewhere and think...Oh I'd like to meet her, I'll check out her blog....and then...a new bloggy friend. To think of meeting some of you for real sometime excites me too!
D is for the Day In and Day Out happenings of my life that give me the inspiration to write these musings. My family mostly...and realizing that the ordinary things in my life make it what it really is...extra~ordinary and so very worthy of blogging about!
N is for all the things I notice in the world around me. Blogging has caused me to look at things differently, with more thought and if a melted popsicle would be the next great blog post.
E is for excited 'cause I've only got 2 more to go. I have so much to say...and having to tweek it to fit this mold is, well...starting to get the best of me.
S is for spelling...and the dictionary I've been using. Like grammar, I still don't always get it right, but knowing that someone else is reading makes it at least important enough to try!
S is also for Scrapblog and you know how much I love that. It is where I make my headers and little photo videos to share. It is so much fun for me to see what I can create.

Whew! There you have it. Bloggy goodness......Now for the giveaway!
I have a friend who makes the cutest signs out of recycled items. I thought you might like to have one.
Here it is. Isn't it so cute?
Comment for your chance to win!
This one's for my bloggy friends.

Oh is the 10th....10 on 10!
Have a great weekend!


  1. What a great little acrostic poem Jen!! And let me just say you have been very lucky in the give-away category!!:) This bloggy world sure is a great one! Thanks for giving us great reads, laughs and inspiration!
    Enjoy the day
    STILL love that kitchen:)

  2. What a cute apron! You sure are lucky w/ the giveaways! Love your bloggy goodness are your blog are very refreshing!

  3. OK, I love everything about this great post, Jen!!! First, the adorable picture of you in that cute apron (love!), you honestly look like a newlywed - you are seriously adorable!! And such a cute way to say what you said ... love that too!! And as you can see right here in this comment - I always use dashes and dots -to me, these ARE conversations, so I AM talking ... the dots and dashes are just the pause in my train of thought ;-) LOVE THIS POST!! thanks ...

  4. Thanks for entering our give away at A mom of two boys. I thought I'd check out your blog and I see you are one lucky winner! Ever think of going to Vegas?!

  5. Hey, it looks great on you. Very nice shout out, thank you. That picture reminds me of something out of "Leave It To Beaver". Mom in the kitchen in the apron type you know? But in a good way.
    Wow! You are a lucky blogger. I've never actually won anything on a blog, but I've signed up to do swaps on blogs before. That gives me some good ideas. Maybe a Halloween Swap on my blog.

  6. Hi Jen, Nice to meet you! I just found you from blog surfing. You know one blog led to another that led to another....I'm your newest follower. I've enjoyed reading your posts. I'll be back to visit often.

  7. I love that apron. And, I'm digging your kitchen too! I'm seriously considering painting my kitchen cabinets white. I love white kitchens!

    Anyway, I'm also liking that sign, so here's my entry.

  8. well cute!!! i am constantly using dots and dashes....if i had to worry about complete sentences i would never finish a comment or post!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  9. Fun post Jen. . .(as I use more dots. . .what would I do without my dots) I drive my husband nuts when we have serious conversation, ok really a fight, because I like to pause and I can't use little dots in really converstation!

  10. evening jen....

    great post!
    i totally agree with what you are professing in your bloggy goodness!

    doesn't writing about your day, your thoughts, your world...just make you appretiate it all more!

    i love your lack or use of grammer- i am from the same mould...and i studied english at university...i'd just rather write, like you, how i speak...

    have a lovely weekend...has autumn hit you yet??

    melissa xx

  11. I wish for hair like yours. You lucky girl--in the bloggy world and in life.

  12. I love the blogging world - I've "met" the nicest people - evidenced by my post today! By the way - you DO have great hair!

  13. I love this post ! blogging is such a BLESSING ~ in so many ways! It is such a beautiful world of incredible women!! You have been a very lucky blogger winning all that stuff! Love your apron!

  14. Jen, I love your kitchen! I loved this post too!!!!!
    Blogging has been way more wonderful than I ever dreamed it would be!
    Have a pretty day!

  15. You are a lucky girl!
    Love this post!
    Have a great evening.

  16. Love the apron and you are so cute. Love the sign too. Our art teacher at the kids school makes those type of signs. ADorable.

  17. Cute it and cute sign too. Your bloggy goodness poem is very cute as well! Hope you have a great week.

  18. This is great! Yes, bloggy goodness abounds.

    And that apron? You are all kinds of adorable in it! :)

  19. This is such a cute post, Jen! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  20. Jen, you have done a superb job with your blogging! Thanks for mentioning me! (forgot I was your first follower:)) You keep us inspired! hugs, cathy