Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Word!

Is it even possible for anyone to come up with just one word to describe themselves completely?
One word that encapsulates their being?
Is there such a word for me?

Jen over at Denton Sanitorium has issued an assignment if you will.
At first, I tried to dismiss the assignment all together. Then I realized that I needed it. Yes!
I thought about it as I fell asleep, as I sat in the car line, as I drove to do my errands, and as I sat outside while my kids were riding skateboards in the cul-de-sac.

The words that came to me at first were know...describing me.
"Good" words like:
positive, easy going, loyal, happy, hopeful, confident, independent, dreamer, thrifty, teachable, active, hospitable, intentional, and silly. 
I like all of these words...and think of them as quite complimentary, yet there is not one that stands out as me.

"Bad" words came to mind too:
selfish, impatient, nosy, procrastinator, cheap, lazy, loud, intolerant and entitled.
Of course, these are not words that I like used to describe me...and thankfully, as true as they are, I am not about to claim one of these as my word.

I did not bother to ask my children, husband, or friends to give me my word. I wanted it to be my very own. I thought of myself and all of these words that really do describe me...I thought of who it is I want to be and who it is I don't. I realized that I am BECOMING more and more of who I desire to be...and less and less of who I don't.  Now isn't that something?

I am older, wiser, stronger, more confident and more free to be me than I have ever been. I have accepted things about myself that may not ever change...and I have changed some things that needed changing....and even more exciting... I am in the process now of changing a few more! I hope I never stop BECOMING.

Did you catch it? My word?
It's BECOMING! I like it!


  1. I think this is one of my favorite posts for the assignment. Great job!

  2. Love it! I like that you are thinking outside the box and not settling on something easy or obvious.

    (And look at you...holding a fish, and still positively adorable as ever!)

  3. Love this Jen!
    Becoming is a wonderful becomes you!! (couldn't resist!!) :)
    Enjoy the day

  4. Great word Jen!
    I'm still in the dismissing stage of this assignemnt...haven't allowed myself to go there! Hmmm what does that say about me?!
    Love your're so cute! I don't think I've ever touched a fish way!

  5. That is a GREAT word!What an adorable photo of you!!! I need to think about that assignment too!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. That should be everyone's word, because we all should be doing it. Love the fishing picture, too!

  7. what a great word!!!

    It is nice to know that we are becoming more of what we want isn't it. One of the benefits of age!

  8. Wow, I can't even think of one word that would be a possibility for me, too many good ones I guess. I love your word, might I add. Good choice.

  9. I love the feeling of "becoming." Changing, learning, growing. Thanks.

  10. Oh. That is so much better than the one word my husband used to describe me. Quirky.

    Good for you.

  11. That is a great word Jen. I too have been mulling it over as well as wanting to ignore it. I just may have to take a stab at this. Becoming is a wonderful word.

  12. I love that word too. Although...reading your list of bad, I have to say I don't believe it but it sure sounds like you were describing me :)

  13. That's a beautiful word, full of such promise and hope. I love that it also speaks to what you've already done, that your journey is underway. Great word choice! And that's a really cute picture-love it!

  14. First, that is the cutest picture! Second, although I loved the idea of this when I saw Jen's post, I am still struggling to find my word ... *sigh* ...

  15. WOW jen- that is a wonderful word to take on as your self description...

    gosh tears are quietly running down my cheeks- i think we are on the same path- you read my long and sooo thought out responses to yesterdays questions!

    it's a lovely feeling to be heading to where you want & choose to go...and i am soo happy to have you in my bloggy life whilst we head towards it together....

    and speaking of inspiring each other- i have sent my eldest off to hs today - the other 2 heading back monday and then i am taking on your challenge of 5k...
    i was talking to my husband about it yesterday laying in the sun on a picnic rug- and he thought that it was the perfect challenge for me...
    i am feeling very inspired!

    have a lovely thursday...

    melissa xx

  16. I enjoyed that. My word was I Ching (always changing/ever changing). Hmmmm I might even change my word and think of a new one.

  17. You are adorable! And Becoming? PERFECT word. Love it!

  18. great word! and I love your new header!