Monday, September 13, 2010

An eye for an eye...

Or in this case, a head for a lip!
We don't believe in we will call this a freaky coincidence, okay?

On Wednesday, the cul-de-sac kids were playing outside as usual.
Zac came running up to me and said, " I chucked a piece of ice at Mac (name changed to protect the innocent) and he is gushing blood!
I found Mac and sure enough...gushing blood.
As you know, or maybe you don't, I am a I am the one to come to with blood, guts, broken bones etc...even though I am an OB nurse and am most comfortable helping those patients who are having babies....not those gushing...but since I am a Mom of wild boys, I do pretty good with that too.
Anyway, I get Mac cleaned up and see that indeed he will need a few stiches to repair his lip that was somehow sliced with a flying piece of ice.
I took him to his Mom...explaining that the kids were throwing ice at each other and that her child will need to go to the Urgent Care. Zac is there with me feeling very sad and so sorry.
As we are walking home, Zac and several other witnesses explain to me that there was no ice fight. Zac was the only one throwing ice and Mac was in no way to blame.
Oh yes...yikes! This is bad!
I later explained this to the Mom...of course, she already knew...and Zac was in huge trouble.

Then on Thursday, the very next day, we were attending another volleyball game. Zac was goofing off in the gym and somehow fell face first into the bleachers. He busted his forehead...and was gushing blood! No kidding. We packed ourselves up, after getting help from the athletic trainer and a friend who is an ER nurse,
 and headed to the Urgent Care...for stitches!
Can you believe it?


  1. He looks so pathetic lying on the bed!!!

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend!

  2. so THAT'S what it's like to have sons ... ;-) My hubbie was one of 3 boys and stories like this one were literally constant throughout their childhood ... stay strong, momma!!

  3. No way! What comes around goes around I guess. Ouch! Hey! I didn't know you were a nurse. How did I miss that. Me too, but not any longer. I retired to be at home with the kiddos. I don't miss the ER drama and that is for sure and for certain. I still have drama, but of a different kind now.

  4. I feel sorry for him even if he is a diabolical ice thrower!!
    Poor guy.

  5. YIKES! Thanks for the blood shot on my Monday morning! ;)

    OB NURSE? you are officially my hero!

  6. OMG! That's crazy!! I don't think he'll forget this experience.

  7. Ouch! That hurts me to look at. Good thing you are a nurse. Not sure how I am going to handle Boyd's booboos in the future. I am weak! :)

  8. Yikes! That one picture looks like a bullet hole! Poor Zac...boys will be could have easily been the other way around.
    His freckles are so much cuter than mine!! Don't you just LOVE them?!

  9. Oh my goodness...that looks really sore!!
    Not much drama like that going on in this house of girls....oh no, I probably shouldn't have said that!
    Hope Zac is feeling better soon!