Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Who'd you get?"

That's the question.

Today was the day that my boys found out who their teachers for this year will be.
I always get so nervous for them....and for me.
Our little elementary school lets us drive through the car line on the day that they mail out the letters so that we can find out early...and I guess it saves a little on postage too.
So at 11:00 am today...we were in the car line with lots of other eager parents and kids.
So far, we are super excited about 1 teacher and a little unsure about the other!

Of course, when we got home....after a day at the pool with friends....this was the scene in the boys room.

Jonathan and his friends were going through the school directory
calling all of their friends to find out who their teachers will be!
Zac was checking out his teacher in last years yearbook.

Jonathan found out that 2 of his friends are in his homeroom. That is great news!
Zac is still wondering about his teacher. Maybe tomorrow he will make some phone calls. 

And then there is Emily...who has been (since last Wednesday) facebooking her
entire high school schedule to all 576 facebook friends. Things sure have changed
since I was in school.....a million years ago! 

We have high hopes for a great school year!
One more week of summer!


  1. I remember the days of calling all the friends! I would get upset if I didn't get the teacher I wanted, but I never ended up having a bad teacher.

  2. Waiting and wondering can be so hard can't it!!
    Glad they seem at least mostly happy about the upcoming year.
    Enjoy your last week

  3. Things sure have change a lot! I hardly ever talked on the phone growing up...now kids can't live w/out it! Glad your kids are excited about the school year...that's half the battle!

    Super cute new header!

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  5. Funny how it's the same way with the teachers. I remember running around to all my teacher friends once the lists were handed out asking, "Who'd ya get?" And I agree, your header is presh! Enjoy the final week of summer. School started here Monday. I miss it, but wouldn't give up my days with GG for anything!

  6. hehe...we have that here too. But our school is ruthless. They mail out the assignments the DAY before the Meet the Teacher event which is the Friday before school starts. It's pretty annoying that they hold onto this info forever like that.

  7. What an exciting day! My kids will all be out of elementary school this year so we don't get that "one" teacher any more. I'm kinda sad. Your boys are beautiful.