Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Varsty Team... as a Freshman!

Yes! It is true!
We are very proud.....she is that good!
Emily made the Varsity Volleyball a freshman.

It happened over a week ago. I'm not sure why I haven't blogged about it until now.
We have been getting used to the whole idea.
We didn't know how much she would play or if she would get to play at all.
We were pleasantly surprised at the scrimmage game last week when the coach put her in...and she played quite a bit. Then we wondered if that was just because it was a scrimmage game.

Then....Monday night...they had their first real game.
(They actually have 5 games before school officially starts.)

Emily was a starting passer! That is huge. The coach said she had earned it.
She played her heart out!

We were thrilled for her!

Our high school currently holds the State Championship titles in football and women's basketball. It would be great to add Volleyball to that list! We are in for a great season.
Thanks for letting me brag a little.


  1. Way to go Emily! That's so EXCITING...making the team as a FRESHMAN!! If I were betting...I would bet on a championship sometime in the next 4 yrs!

    What a great picture of her diving for the ball...not sure how you got that! My camera would have went off right before or right after that great play!

  2. wow!! that is very exciting!!!! looks like its going to be an exciting year for her!!!!!

  3. Is Emily the one in black or the one going for the dig on the floor? What an accomplishment, pretty impressive. Way to go Emily.

  4. That is AWESOME! How exciting!!! I would be one proud mama too. Go, Emily! Can't wait to hear how the season progresses.

  5. That is so excited Jen! Congrats to Emily! You both must be so proud!! I love the photo of her diving! So cool! Yeah, I think you will be adding that title sometime in the next 4 years. :)

  6. Woohoo!!! Way to go, Emily! Congrats to you too, proud mama :)

  7. Oh, Holy cow, that is something to be proud of, and something she will carry with her forever, when she thinks about herself.

    Priceless, in terms of esteem and who she is.

  8. what a boost for her self-confidence right before school starts. . .

    Isn't blogging just another word for bragging???? at least about our kids, and about how crafty we are. . .

    Have a great day!

  9. OMgosh that is so awesome. Way to go Emily. That is so exciting. Being a former Varsity Volleyball coach...I am thrilled for her.

  10. CONGRATS!!!
    That's quite a dig she's got goin'!

  11. Thats amazing. Our daughter will be trying out her first year in highschool on the first day. I think she would be a sophomore. We don't use those terms in Canada. Grade 10 anyway. That is something to be proud of, especially since she is playing a lot. Sports are the best!

  12. Way to go Emily!! That is so exciting!

    I played Vollyball in HS and I loved it, it's still one of my favorite sports. Now how do I make sure to get my daughter to play... :)

  13. That is incredible! Congratulations! It is fun to watch your kids play sports, but it is something else to see them excel at it! Have a great season.

  14. Wow! She looks like a pro! Congrats! :)

  15. Very cool! I'm sure she loved every minute - and so did her family :o)

  16. so awesome! what a stud to make varsity as a freshman that is huge! you should be very proud. volleyball is the best sport on the planet. . the ultimate team sport. she will learn so much about the game and even more about life and have incredible memories. maybe someday she can come play at whitworth university:)

  17. such an awesome accomplishment!!