Sunday, August 22, 2010

School Year Resolutions!

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I saw a sign posted outside a church fitness center.
It said, "Back to School- Back to You!"
It got me thinking.
I am not one to make New Year resolutions, but I almost always make resolutions when school is starting this year I will make a list... and call it School Year Resolutions.

1. Work out 3 times a week in addition to running.
2. Clean out and organize the bonus room.
3. Work on my scrapbooks.
4. Take some time out for myself...and invite a friend to lunch every now and then.
5. Do a little thrift store shopping..
6. Take a morning nap once in a while.
7. Blog.....of course....but with the addition of a bloggy timer....that alarms when my blog time is I can get to the rest of my list!

I have lots of School Year Resolutions for my kids too....but since I haven't discussed the list with them yet, I shouldn't spill it here.

I'm ready! We are all ready!
Back to school in 2 more days!


  1. Great list! All 4 of my kids are in full-day school starting Wed. My babies will be in first grade. I've started my list too. I'm looking forward to a little time for me...and to reclaim some area in our home!

  2. I think I should do this too! My oldest child, Bella, starts kindergarten tomorrow, so now I will have a whole new life with a whole new routine - with an 18 month old who will need to be entertained now that his Sissy will be in school. If I don't try to do things for myself, it doesn't happen!

    Stopping by from Brandi's blog 'My Three Bubs'.

    Have a good weekend!

    ps...cute blog, new follower!

  3. Yay! 100 followers Jen! :)

    My list would be very similiar to yours! I've had one in my head...I just need to write it down. #1, 4 and 5 are my favorites...the best thing about kiddos being in school all day...even I can admit that! ;)

  4. I like it! I am going back to teaching full-time, in 2 weeks. I have taught for 17 years, and 9 of them have been part-time. My youngest is going into 6th grade, so it is time. I am going to miss having time to myself. I workout so I will have to be creative and diligent to stay on track. I am looking forward to teaching full-time, but I am envious of your goals!!!

  5. Those sound like some great ideas!!! I can no longer take the morning nap now that I work- I'm pretty sure my bosses would frown on that ;) I tried to leave you a comment the other day and I don't think it went through- anyhow we started the couch to 5k!!! I thought I was going to DIE the first 6 minutes (that's how out of shape I am) somehow I made it 30!! ;)

  6. Hope everyone has a great first day of school! And I love the idea of school year resolutions! some of those are great..I had lunch with one of my friends...just! Great ideas and here's to you!

  7. Great idea Jen and great list!!!
    I am looking forward to getting back to all the routines the school year brings. I love the blog timer...I use a timer a lot...clean 15 minutes, blog 15 minutes...etc!!:)
    Enjoy the day

  8. bloggy timer--GENIUS!

    I'm going to have to borrow that one I just put in the kitchen. thanks for the idea!

  9. it sounds like we all could use a blog timer. . .

    I dont think I could stick to 15 minutes!

  10. I love your list! We started today and I have so much I want to accomplish this school year. I need to do what you did and write it all down. :)

  11. I've missed your blog in my time away from the internet. I like resolutions list - anytime. As long as you don't feel too bad when you miss one here and there, a good goal list is healthy! I make them all the time. :)

  12. Good for you on the working out. Although I am a bit jealous!

  13. Fabulous goals! I've got to get mine down, too.