Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last night...this morning!

Excuse me while I sing.
"It's the most wonderful time of the year........."

Last night
Making lunches is my least favorite part of the school year.
The boys lunch boxes are ready, filled with what they requested...
and a Kit Kat for a little surprise!
Emily prefers a brown paper bag this year.
I put a smiley face sticker on the front. She took it off the minute she saw it! 

This morning to High School.
She seemed more excited than nervous.
She wanted to ride with her friend so that she would have someone to walk into school with, but I wanted to drive her we followed her friend's mom. I'm glad we did, because the car line was confusing and the traffic was crazy!  

Zac and Jonathan....ready to go.
Zac is going into 2nd grade.
He was the first one in the class.....seemed excited. We will see.

Jonathan is going into 5th grade.
The best grade ever... in my opinion.
He has a fabulous teacher and several of his good friends are in his class!

I love this day!
My kids are excited about their new schedules.
I am excited about having some "me" time.
(It really does make me a kinder and more patient mom.)
The first home volleyball game is today!
I am blogging with my bloggy timer.
I am going running this morning.
Then maybe I'll go to Costco.
I have all day...until 2 pm that is!



  1. Ahhhh, the days of getting some free time back. I love that she took the sticker off. High School is too cool for smiley stickers...

  2. Have a great day!!!

    And you are right, it really is the most wonderful time of the year!! Even better than Christmas!

  3. Have you ever seen the staples commercial for back to school?

    It's hilarious!

  4. Your little guys looks cool with those plaid shorts, etc...2nd grade is awesome, my Paige started 2nd grade this year. You, Kerri and I all have 2nd graders...a few more and we could have a soccer team, or a softball team.
    Fitting in and not standing out is what it's all about in high school I guess, stickers on brown bags could get you beat up if you're a guy and labeled for life if you're a girl. I made the mistake of putting my son's lunch in a reusable lunch box and he nearly choked when he saw it. He said, "Mom, we just don't do things that way in high school." high schoolers make their own lunches yet, is what I want to know.
    I dread waking up in the morning because of one thing...I have to make 6 lunches EVERYDAY! Every stinkin' day.

  5. So jealous!!! My kids don't start until after Labor Day, and even then I only have 2/3 in school (with different dismissal times!) Enjoy your free time!!!

  6. You lucky duck! The kids look great and I bet it will be a wonderful school year! Have afantastic day!!! (2 isn't that long of a day :))

  7. woot woot

    I'm right with you, sista

  8. Making lunches is my least favorite thing about school starting too. I just posted about that a day or so ago.:)
    Glad you are enjoying your first day, with your timer and all!!:)

  9. I too don't enjoy making lunches. lol Your kids are gorgeous! I hope they have a great first day. Enjoy your "me" time. :)

  10. hehe...that is usually me. Giddy to send them off. But this year, I'm just dreading it. Not b/c I want to spend more time w/my ballerinas. Oh, heck no! I mean I love them, but..

    No, I'm dreading making lunches, doing homework, driving a million carpools, having to run life by a strict schedule, worrying that the Little Ballerina is going to misbehave at school. *sigh*

    I hope your "me time" was relaxing and enjoyable!

  11. Two more tuesdays for us and mine will be off to school. I will then have some me time. I cannot wait. I will be Giddy too. Cute pictures. Hope their first day was a great one.

  12. What is this free time you speak of? HAHA! Your kids are adorable. I see you have a surfer/skater in the making there, too! Love longer hairstyles on boys.

  13. Enjoy your time off!! Great photos!

  14. Enjoy your day! Your kids are super cute and looked great for school! :D

  15. Enjoy YOU time. One of these days maybe I will get some!:)

  16. We're off tomorrow. Highschool, grade 6 and 3. I'm curious Jen, how long does your blogging timer tick for? I need some perspective.