Monday, July 19, 2010

Treats from Nature!

We are back from our annual summer camping trip! We go every year with the same group of friends.
It was just a quick little get-away this year, but we had a great time and crammed a lot of adventure into 2 short days!

On Saturday, we decided to go for a hike through the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. We were on the look out for a watering hole complete with water falls and slippery rocks. We hiked and hiked....and then we came upon a very nice surprise!

Wild Blackberries! Tons and tons and tons of them. Tucked away in briars and beyond our reach.....but we managed to stretch and pull and fight the briars until we had our bellies full of nature's yumminess!!!

Then we continued on to find the next big treat. That special watering hole!
And don't you know we found it!
I'll never understand the joys of swimming in freezing cold water.....and jumping off rocks into the unknown.
Something about it must be appealing.... 'cause all these guys had a total blast!

Here's to friends and weekends and treats and nature!
Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. Yum, blackberries! What a nice treat on your hike. I can't ever afford them at the I would have been picking away at them!
    That watering hole looks so FUN! My son could of made a day of just doing that!
    I like the picture of your guys holding up the rock!

  2. I don't think there is anything better than discovering things for yourselves. When we camp we always go exploring hoping to find something out there that no one else has found before us (even if they had, we wouldn't know that for sure :)). What a treasure to find those blackberries. We all love berries and we have thought we found a pot of gold :). Looks like a great 2 days!

  3. We also picked berries on a recent weekend in Maine - I swear there's nothing quite so delicious as a berry right off the vine, lucky you to stumble upon so many! Looks like such a pretty spot - what fun!

  4. Blackberries! I had to pick my neighbor's blackberries while he was on vacay. YUM.

  5. Wow those berries look so yummy & the water so cold. No thanks...I am a wimp, half the time I don't even do indoor pools...too cold. LOL
    It looked fun though

  6. Heaven on earth, that's all I see.
    Man, this reminds me of being in high school. Same group of four of us girls would ditch school, book it down to Mexico to go surfing, or go to the mountains to hike around and find a natural rock slide that emptied out into a huge pool. We would make it back in time to go home after school was out. Good times.........
    By the way....I love the photo of your husband helping someone up. He has the poor kid by the seat of his britches. Can you say wedgie? Funny.

  7. looks like such fun jen! love the photos! makes me want to go hiking!!

  8. I don't get the testosterone/cold water connection thing either. My boys and husband don't care, just jump into 65 Degree water like it's no big deal.

  9. Just a reminder honey....what a great blog!! I love keeping up with it! Have a good day! Love, Me!

  10. What a blast!! I'm cooling off just looking at the pictures....and those berries...what's better than finding wild ones in abundance? Glad you had a good time! xo

  11. Jen, what a beautiful day you guys had! I was thinking as I was reading and looking at all of the photo's how much fun you can have outside- and it doesn't cost a thing. Perfect.