Thursday, July 15, 2010

If I had been blogging back then...

I would have totally blogged about this!

Have you ever won anything really big.....important....astounding....unbeleivable...amazing?
Well, last year, I won some concert tickets.
Front Row...Pit Pass...Concert the Taylor Swift Concert.
(That is so huge when you have a 13 year old daughter!)

We were so close we couldn't even get her whole body in the pictures!
Emily is leaning on the stage!!!
The only bad part was that we didn't sit down for 3 hours!
Can you even beleive this? We still can't!

Here is how it all went down.

A local country radio station has a contest every morning at 7:30 am.
We listen everyday on our drive to school, and play along with the contestants.
The station takes 2 callers...ask questions...then awards a point to the first person to buzz in and give the correct answer.
It is rare, that we try to call in. It depends on the morning and the prize being offered.
That week. Each morning, tickets were given away in the order of 5th row, 4th row, 3rd.....etc...
So on Friday, front row pit pass tickets were up for giving away.
We called everyday that week and never got through!
Of course, I thought it was useless, but wanted to be on Friday, we had 2 cell phones going at the same time.
And someone answered on the other end of Emily's cell phone!
She screamed...."No Way!!!"
Then she threw the phone to me! 

So then I knew, it was up to me.
To be the best Mom ever (on this day) or the dumbest, worst disappointment...
'cause I had to WIN!

Remember, we had played along every morning. We knew the secret was to buzz in first!!!
Then you have 5 sec to think about the answer.
So that's what I did.
These were my questions...
1. What unlucky number is Taylor Swift's favorite number?
2. What 2 letters do Taylor Swift and Kellie Piclker share in their first name?
3.  What is the name of the arena where the concert will take place?
4.  When Taylor Swift sang "Tim McGraw" at the Country Music awards, who was sitting beside Tim Mcgraw?

I buzzed in first on every question.
I guessed "13" at #1. Correct! Yes!!!
I took the entire 5 sec to figure out #2.  " L"  Correct Yes!!!
I answered wrong to #3. That dang arena has been renamed way too many times.
     The other contestant missed it too.  Whew!!!
I guessed that Tim was sitting beside his lovely wife, "Faith". Correct again!
We WON!!!!
Lots of cheering, screaming etc....
I was the coolest Mom ever! At least, I felt that way!
What a great day!

Remembering is so much fun!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is incredibly cool! I have an 11 1/2 yr. old daughter who would have died to see Taylor Swift. What a fun memory for you and your beautiful daughter (she's even prettier than Taylor Swift).

  2. What an incredible memory for both of you. A story to tell the grandkids someday! Love it!!!

  3. you are the coolest in my book still today. How fun for your both.

  4. That's TOO COOL. Neither one of you will EVER forget that!

  5. So cool Jen! I probably would have been too stunned to even come up with answers for any of the questions! I saw Taylor Swift last year when she opened for Keith Urban. She was quite the performer!

  6. You are an awesome mom. My daughter would have loved that too. My dad took her to see Jonas Bros. and she fell asleep.


    Did you get wet from the downpour? So cool.

  8. Sounds like a super cool night!!
    Enjoy the day

  9. Front row! How exciting!
    My son tried to talk me into calling the radio station for Taylor Swift tickets too....but I've never called a radio station before...didn't think I could ever win! You are so much cooler than me!

  10. That is awesome! My daughters would have gone crazy!!! Don't you love it when you get to be cool!

  11. I'm so glad you blogged about it even if it was a year ago. That IS worth remembering. My girls would have DIED and gone to heaven. My poor hubs likely knows every word to every Taylor Swift song, as he is forced to listen to her CD against his will ad nauseum.

  12. GET OUT!! My 12 year old would love to see her...So cool!!

  13. I'm so not worthy - what an AMAZING story - you're a true SuperMom!! Hope you get A LOT of mileage out of this one, 'cuz it's just incredible - LOVE the photos!!

  14. OH my gosh, so much fun. I took my daughter to see Hannah Montana in her nice days, before she got all big for her britches, (Hannah, not my daughter) and it was such a fun night for both of us. We still talk about it all the time. Awesome pictures. You should try to send them to Taylor. She would love them I'll bet.

  15. i don't even have a teenage daughter yet and i would love that concert!!! so awesome!!!! and the pictures are great!!!