Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Car Sick Cure....A Candy Store!!!

You have to endure a few winding roads and ups and downs to get to The Mast General Store in Valle Crucis, N.C.  Most would say it is worth it, however, for some of takes a little while to recover from the ride before we can enjoy all the great things inside.

Zac is looking a little green and feeling a little whoosie!

Jonathan is feeling fine, but not wanting to be too close to Zac....
but being a sweet big brother by waiting for him.

Of course, Emily and her friend are feeling great..
especially since the "Life is Good" shirts are buy 1 get 1 half price!
 Oh dear...not quite ready for this yet...but trying to make it work!
How about a good old fashioned Sprite in a bottle to soothe your tummy? 
Maybe Bert's Bees has something to cure you. Surely they do!
Oh, I see. The candy dots are the answer! Well let's get them for sure!
And I'll take some butterfingers, a pecan roll, cow tales and some chocolate covered raisins!
Just throw it in the basket.
At $6 per pound that should only costs us about ...oh...Oh...we are on vacation!!!

Happy Now!!! Feeling much better!
I think the candy dots did the trick after all....and the Sprite...
and just being out of the car, in a giant candy store...for over an hour!

Come on...believe with us.
Candy really is the Cure All!


  1. We were at a Mast General Store while visiting a friend in Boone, NC. That place is awesome! And old fashioned sodas in a real glass bottle are simply the best.
    Looks like a great afternoon, in spite of the whoosies!
    Enjoy the day

  2. my guys get carsick too, such a bummer - glad to know I just need to have candy dots and bottled sprite on hand for our next road trip ;-)
    Love this store - they sure don't make 'em like that anymore, do they?!

  3. I love the one of him in the store. . .our Jake gets car sick too and there have been lots of times when he has looked just like that. . .somewhere between ready to spew his guts and not quite back to normal!

    Looks like a fun place to visit

  4. I'm sorry your little guy got car sick!

    What a fun place to shop. That is right up my alley. I would spend hours in there! :) Love all of your pictures.

  5. That is the worst feeling ever!

    That store is super cute....

  6. Love it! He did look green...poor thing. Love the pictures! Have fun!

  7. Oh I feel for your little man. Here's the thing....I know exactly how he feels. Whenever our family goes on a road trip, which we always do because we can't afford the air fare for 7 people, I'm never in the front seat. I dutifully climb in the middle row because my son Eric gets incredibly sick if he sits in back. He has to sit in the front seat, be medicated , have all his essentials (hard candy to suck on, ice cold coke and Sprite, ice pack, gum and a barf bag if none of the above work). He used to get sick just driving downtown, but he still has to be in the front seat. I had to have the passenger side air bag turned off because he was always in the front.
    Now about that candy store.. shoot..even that could pull me out of a stooper. Forget the little sacks though, just hand my a bucket. I'm laughing at the sugar dots. How come kids love those things? You can never eat them without pulling some of the paper off along with the dot. Kids love those things though. I think it's the bright colors.
    I've got to visit this place.

  8. Poor guy....and you look so calm sitting there on the bench with him! I would have been so antsy to get IN THAT STORE!! Cause candy is my thing! And, is that a gumball lamp? Hmmmmm?

  9. oh my goodness!!!! poor thing!!! caroline gets car sick pathetic!!! my little guy loves dots too!!! i always end up eating more paper then the actual candy...oh well!! that store looks great...even better with the life is good stuff!!!

  10. Yep, candy is the best medicine! :D

  11. Nothing beats soda from a real glass bottle. That store looks so great. How fun!

  12. did you pick me up my shirt? What? you forgot? I need directions to that store pronto missy.
    That is an awesome store I want to visit.
    So glad that candy helps. It is always good for me too.

  13. Oh my gosh! It's soooooooo CUTE I almost can't stand it! :)

  14. HI again, Jen ... thx for commenting, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who suffers thru loud noises ;-) I woulda nominated you, too, but saw that someone else beat me to it (you & kerri received it in the same shout out, right?) ... so I guess that means: congrats!