Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trinket Shopping!

Do you like to shop for trinkets?
We do!
And aren't the little trinket shops at the beach just so much fun to trinket shop in?

Just imagine all of this....and some bohemian sounding music...and some sweet smelling incense....
and you will have the full experience.

We ended up with some jewelery, 2 sharks tooth necklaces, fun sunglasses, and no alligator heads.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. No alligator heads! Bummer.
    That does look like a fun shop. I want all those rings!

  2. Oh wow! Look at all of that neat stuff! I love shops like that!

  3. I love that blue rose bracelet. Now I NEED ONE!


  4. OMG....I would be in my glory! I love shops like that! I adore chunky jewelry! Your children are adorable! ((Hugs)) ~Liz

  5. Oh come alligator heads in your house??? :)

  6. Fun shop!! I loved the purple flower ring in the first photo! my kind of touristy store

  7. Just looking through all of your vacation posts almost made me feel like I was there...almost. Oh what I would give for a beach. Bloom where you are planted...bloom where you are planted. There I think I will be OK.
    We are readers and we all laugh out loud at Junie B Jones. She cracks us up, and Farmer Boy was The Agronomist's all time favourite. Big Surprise There.
    Dana : )

  8. I would totally be in heaven. I would give A LOT to live by the beach! I love your photos and can just imagine how much fun you had! :)

  9. that store does look like fun!!!! but my 3 and 5 year old would WANT everything!!!your vacation pictures are great!!!!

  10. I so would have brought home that turquoise rose bracelet. But definitely not the alligator head.

  11. Fun bling.....wait I'd skip the gator heads though.

  12. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm looking forward to your tutorial!!
    I did check out scrapblog. Cool stuff. But, the stuff I saw you had to pay to download. Do they have free stuff too? I'll have to go back & look.

    Have a great night too!