Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beach Reads!

I enjoy reading, I really do, but my children really do not.
However, during our week at the beach....I got just a little bit excited (but not so much that someone might notice) about what was going on under the beach umbrella....and out in the blazing sun!

Zac was reading aloud while tracking with his little finger...."Junie B. Jones, Captain Field Day."

Emily was reading "Left Behind" and various magazines and puzzle books, of course!

And Jonathan was.. well...playing with his  iTouch. At least he has a multiplication table app.

Everyone was getting in on the fun!
And if you are short a foot rest...well... just use a bucket!

And now to reveal the book that the boys and I are reading together this summer.
Several of you suggested the Fablehaven books, which were all checked out and are apparently very hard to get at the public library. So we decided on another book by the same author....and we are excited.

We also reserved Farmer Boy, another suggestion. We plan to read that next.

Now that I have finished my James Patterson mystery/ romance/ double crossing 007 type novel,
"The Lifeguard", I'll be looking for a new book to read too. Once again, I'm open to any suggestions!

Missing the beach, but glad to be home!
That does make sense, right?


  1. What nerds you guys are! hahahah just kidding! I thought we read all of the Junie B books...but we haven't read Captain Field Day...I'll have to look for that one! Your pics are great...so nice and clear and I love all the pretty umbrellas...the beach you are on doesn't look all that crowded...nice!

  2. I'll have to look that book up at our library. . .I want to read to the littles this summer.

    Yes, our swim lessons are in a lake. . .when its warm it will be great. . .but we live in Wisconsin and sometimes summer isn't very warm. . .not so sure what it will be like then.

  3. Candy Shop Wars and Fablehaven are great choices for your boys. They should love them. I ended up buying Fablehaven because Ben wanted to read and reread it.
    I finally just read The Help, and everyone was right. Loved it. And I also just bought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Zookeeper's Wife. Don't know about them, but I can let you know.
    Lucky you for time on the beach to just read.

  4. Looks like a great vacation! We read Candy Shop Wars aloud on our road trip last summer and loved it! And the Fablehaven series is another great choice! Are you on Goodreads?

  5. Looks like a wonderful time at the beach...I love to read, too!!

  6. Wow! My kids never sit still at the beach! I'm so impressed with your readers.

    As for a great beach read, have you read any of Adriana Trigiani's books? She has a newer series out now. I'm reading the second book and having a ball with it. Love reading her stuff at the beach.

  7. Looks like a blast! Wish I were there! =) ~Liz

  8. Love seeing kids with books...throw in sand and a beautiful view and you have me dreaming of a vacation in FL!!
    I need a good summer read...I think I will borrow some of your followers suggestions!
    Enjoy the night

  9. Those pictures look like heaven, what a wonderful vacation! And yay for reading books! I hope my kids continue to love reading, I never really did and now that I want to and don't have much time. :)

  10. I suggest the Thorn Birds! Yeah!

  11. Just read through your last few posts...how did I miss these!? We love that beach...what great pictures!~ And I love that your entire family (well almost) was reading at the beach! I love the left behind series...so great! I am a reading binge...my goal is to read at least 10 books this summer and I am off to a good start...half way there! I am gonna look to check that book out for my boys...the cover looks fun!

  12. oh for another week at the beach with a good book! looks like my kinda day...will check out that book for my kiddos over the summer
    melissa x

  13. I totally understand that. I love being on vacation but I love being home too. Reading on the beach is fun and contagious. Nice to see the whole family reading. My kids love it.

  14. Looks like a fun time. I am glad you all made it back safely.

  15. Sure! I'll try it out! I'm sick of looking at my header! I'm not very good at it...hope I'm smart enough to figure it out!