Monday, June 21, 2010

18 Holes and 7 Colorful Balls.

We only went out (in our car) twice while we were on vacation. Once to shop and once to play!
Miniature golf is one of our familys favorite things to do while on vacation.
We spent the week with David's brother (Uncle Michael) and sister-in-law (Aunt Karen), who are avid game players like us. They endured the heat and the waiting in line and the frustration of mini golf on a summer night with 180 or so other people.....strangers....watching you as you putt and putt and putt.
The scenery was beautiful. The sounds of frogs kept Jonathan distracted as he searched for critters.
In the end there was a winner. It was not me. I came in second!
A very close second at that!
The winner is that fellow standing beside me!
He always wins!

Missing the beach!
I wanna go back!


  1. gorgeous family photos! you all look sooo incredibly relaxed...
    melissa x

  2. love the photo of your daughter. . .she is beautiful. . .watch out boys!

    Glad you had a fun trip!

  3. Great photos Jen!! So glad you had a fun trip...and mini golf is on our to-do list this summer!!

  4. Great photos. Love the frogs. I've never lived anywhere that they are around like that. Mini-golf, not an AZ summer activity.
    Did you get your package in one piece?

  5. So glad yo had a great time!!
    I miss the beach too!
    Enjoy the night

  6. Great pictures - love the frog. :) I miss putt-putt. I haven't been in an AGE.

  7. Glad you had a fun vacation Jen! I love putt-putt!

  8. Love the new look of your header. How do you go about designing something like that? Is there a website? Super impressed to see a quote from Anais Nin as well.

  9. Love your pics, looks like a blast!

  10. What great photos of the whole family! Glad you had a great time!

  11. You and your hubby look so cute in the last picture! (well...not that you don't look good in all the know what I mean!)

    Glad you had a fun vacation!! We love mini golf too...but I think I'm a couple years away from enjoying it more than I do now. Brady causes my blood pressure to be a little high when we're playing!

    Saw your comment on Karen's blog....I vote "yes" for the scrapblog tutorial! Yes Yes Yes...right away, hurry up! (please!) :)

  12. I love putt putt! Looks like you all had fun!

  13. JUNIE B. ROCKS! You can't go wrong with any of those. I have read them all with my children. I've never laughed so hard. I can just see her with her hands on her hips and that little, "Yeah, only my grandma isn't a richie like yours is".
    I must have missed something along the way....where the heck are you guys? Looks like Hawaii. Looks like a great time. Aloha.

  14. Your family is beautiful!! Love that frog picture too, very cool. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to do thing like mini golf, how fun!

  15. You are so cute in your little skirt. We always do putt putt at the beach. Just that much more fun. Cute pictures.