Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a cute idea...the series!

A series I created to keep up with all of those cute ideas out there in Blog Land. I am always finding crafts and projects that I want to try...then when I'm ready...I can't remember where I found them. These are not my ideas.  These cute ideas will be ones that I intend to try when time allows. I will collect ideas as I a find them...and I will always give proper credit and a link to the original post.

Spring Time Garland  .....from Sweet Something Designs.

I loved this idea the moment I saw it. This garland could be made for many occasions; birthdays, baby showers, holidays, etc.... Don't you just love this cute idea? 
Go check out the tutorial here. You'll just love this blog.

Treat Jar Toppers.........from Eighteen25.

Isn't this just the cutest gift idea for teachers, coaches, co-workers, neighbors, etc...
And over at Eighteen25, these 3 creative sisters are giving the download of the labels for free. You must go here and check out their blog and this great idea!  

Glass Tile Pendants..............from Sugar Bee Craft Edition.

I thought these would be really cute with photos. They could be made into pendants, magnets, or even miniature ornaments for a tiny Christmas tree. Be sure to check out the tutorial here....and hang around to check out more of Mandy's great ideas!
Well....that's a good start to my collection of cute ideas. Feel free to come and rummage through my WACI files (posts) anytime.
Hoping to be more crafty!


  1. That garland? Heidi's in-laws did that at her casual open house and draped it over two white rocking chairs, "bride" and "groom." They were so cute! If you ever get time to do these great crafts, will you post the result? We'd love to see.

  2. oohhh loove all those jen- you're soo like me- a million *projects* filed on the go!! am going to check them out now....i sew my bunting but love that button bunting...

    m x

  3. OMG! On a scrap piece of paper on my desk I have had the link written down for the jar toppers and I also have the blog written down for the glass pendants! Too weird! I guess we both have good taste! :) WACI....now I love your blog even more!

  4. Super cute stuff! Love it! So glad I am a follower:)

  5. What a great idea to keep track of fun stuff you find. I love all of them and will definately use the teacher idea!

  6. Totally stealing the jar idea. Love it!

  7. What cute ideas...thanks for sharing the links! Thanks, also, for following me and I am now following you & this awesome blog!!
    xoxo Beth