Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I found in 3 year old Pre-School.

Everything I ever needed in a group of friends.....
I found in 3 year old Pre-School!
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Dear Pre-School Moms,

There is something I want you to know. As the pre-school year comes to an end....be intentional about who you want to keep in touch with over the summer.
There have been many moms walking in and out of the pre-school doors along side you each morning and afternoon. You have spoken briefly to each other on the playground  and sat beside each other at special programs. You may not be aware of it now...but some of those moms may be the best friends you will ever find.

When my son was finishing 3 year old pre-school, a small group of moms decided that it would be fun to try to get our little ones together over the summer. A day at the park or an afternoon by the pool....you know just to keep the kids together. The invitation was open to all the children in the class. Four moms and their children attended.  We played at the pool, played at the park, and even visited a museum. The next year, we got together on Friday afternoons after the kids got out of pre-school when the weather allowed. The following summer, we headed back to the park, playgrounds and museums, etc...

This summer... our then 3 year old pre-schoolers will be turning 11 and preparing for  Middle School...and we will again be heading to the pools and  playgrounds. We will also be going on our 4th annual family camping trip together. These 3 pre-school moms are the best friends I could ever ask for...and I almost missed it....I almost walked out of pre-school that last day and never looked back. 

Now that our kids are older, they do not all share the same interests and they have new friends, but we, the moms are holding tight to what we found in 3 year old pre-school. Our forever friends. 

The four of us...Hilary, Wendy, Me and Rhonda

Our 4 families... camping together last summer.

Look around.
Live intentionally!


  1. such great pictures and so neat that all of you are still friends so many years later! Glad you didn't miss out!

  2. That's awesome Jen! I too have made wonderful friends from preschool...who knew?! We moved to our current town a year before our son started preschool and didn't know anyone. One of my very best friends now is a mom I met my son's first year of preschool. And even now that some of our kids are in different schools...the moms still meet for breakfast, workout together, meet at the pool, etc. Great post!

  3. I love the "live intentionally." I'm trying that. I have purposely toned down our summer, and we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. how awesome! love this:) yes, I also need to remember to "live intentionally".

  5. WEll said....9 years ago the same thing happened with me at a Gymboree Play and Music class...there were 6 of us who just wanted something more so we started a playgroup that met once a week rotating houses. Some of us have moved, but we always try to get together at least once a year. And one of the mom that I met that day...well we have become besties and I couldn't imagine my life without her! What a fun camping trip!!
    "live intentionally"...LOVE IT!

  6. hi jen- soo glad you we found each other- ...for our first 'cup of tea' on the blog meeting you have brought tears...mine....oh i cherish my school mums....i have left some very special ones at home in sydney...but we still 'share' via email and photos and they will be there when i return...both my first 2 kids started with the same 'kindergarten' teacher and i have such friendships that *matter* with a handful of women from that time- ongoing friendships...
    and our little tiger Audrey has brought me, perhaps my most treasured friend...i didnt expect to make a lifelong friend at 40- with 3 kids at school and an already full life...but i simply can't imagine my life without her....
    good tears i assure you...

    melissa x

  7. LOVE this Jen! This is a fabulous post..."live intentionally" yes!

  8. What a great post!! I found a group of moms when my son began preschool a few years ago and our families have ended up close friends as well. Finding those life long friends is one of the best things about preschool!

  9. Thanks for sharing Jen. . .those friends that are "there and doing it" with you are so invaluable. . .there is something wonderful about journeying together!

  10. my best friend is someone I met when our two oldest were only 1. We still keep in touch and when she is in the area hang out. I love that our kids brought us together.