Thursday, May 13, 2010

50 Random Things...I bet you thought I had forgotten.

36.  One summer, I worked the front line at McDonalds.
On Kapahulu Blvd in Honolulu, Hawaii.

37.  I can say "for here or to go" and "small, medium or large" in Japanese.
I learned that while working at McDonalds in Hawaii.

38.  My favorite flowers are tulips.
White or Yellow...can't decide.

39.  My first car was a red Nissan Sentra.
My college roomate had a blue one just like mine.

40. My friend's husband was on the plane that landed in the Hudson River.
We are all very thankful for that miracle.

The final countdown is about to begin.
Thanks for putting up with these posts.


  1. I love tulips too!
    My first job was working at a KFC, I remember everything I owned smelled like grease, but I loved it we had so much fun there! :)

  2. I have obviously missed the first few! I am going to have go do a catch up!

    My first car was a nissan too!

    Best wishes,

  3. Jen, I love these posts, and love learning more about you and your life! You might just have to list 100! Have a great Thursday! Hugs, Kelly

  4. My first job was at a&w. not as exotic as your first job! Mine was in my small home town. Thank you for stopping by my blog!! Thank you for the encouragement! soooo sweet of you! I need it!

  5. I worked the front line at McDonalds, too, when I was in college. I always smelled like a french fry... :D

    Enjoying these 50 things!!

  6. I believe the fact that you worked in the Hawaiian McDonalds makes it seriously posh. Hawaii? Tell more.

  7. My first job was at Highboy, and my first car was a blue Nissan Sentra. My favorite tulips are the orange and yellow ones.

  8. so excited-proud of you going for your run! Maybe you are right! Maybe I do need to go out!

  9. Hawaii, seriously? I think most of us are wanting to hear a little more about this!

    I worked at McDonalds for 1 day! :)

  10. Ahhh! I think I see a topic for a future post. Time to dust off the old photo albums and start scanning some tropical photos, I guess.

  11. Tulips are so pretty...I went to school by Holland Mi so we used to go to the tulip festival every pretty! But Daisies will always be my favorite!

  12. Hey Jen,

    Just wondering if I can mention your blog in my next post? I want to talk about blog layout/envy!