Friday, May 28, 2010

Local Happenings!

Here's the latest....

The Cubs are heading to the play offs....
and they are currently in First Place!
Jonathan has a way of making us crazy...with all those close calls when stealing bases!

Let's go Cubbies!
What a great team of players and coaches...
 and fans, of course!
(I feel the wave about to begin....woooooo!)

Flag Football comes to an end!

Zac's team finished with a great season also.
He got his first real sport trophy, he says.
Not just swim team trophies anymore!
Way to go, big guy!
I'm gonna miss seeing him run around the field with that giant
 mouthpiece sticking out of his little mouth!

And then there was the Eighth Grade Social!
A fancy dance party!

I'm so glad that there are no boys in this picture yet!
Such cute girls....having such a great time!

All of these latest things have me a little worn out....
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Ahhhh good times, good times. My Eric just graduated 8th grade as well. Now I have 2 high schoolers and three in grade school. It creeps up on you fast yeah?

  2. I went to my youngest sons senoir class send off. He graduates from high school next week and we had a senior slide show today and we had to send in pictures of the kids when they were little. There were alot of pictures like this one. So cute, so many memories. The time goes by so fast, enjoy every minute!

  3. What a busy and memorable day for you and your family!
    Your daughter and her friends looked beautiful!
    Gosh...that is going to be me in no time flat....S L O W down babies please!!
    Enjoy the night

  4. Wow, they all look great!! You've had a busy week, too!

  5. Ah!! What fun what fun! Congrats to the Cubs and keep winning! (we lost in the 1st game of playoffs...oh well...I was dont!) ANd yay to flag football (we are all about football in our fam!) And She looks so very pretty! Dances are so much fun! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. You and your daughter look more like SISTERS! :)

  7. Wow you were busy this week. Loved the pictures. congrats to the Cubs and I love the first trophy...too cute. The girls look amazing and I would be glad for no boys in the picture either:)

    Have a beautiful Memorial Day!

  8. You and your daughter look strikingly similar! They all looked so cute dressed up.

  9. Gorgeous photos!! I love them!