Monday, May 31, 2010

50 Random Things...the last 10....& SMILE!

41.  I met my husband when I was sixteen!
He went with me to my High School Prom. Next week we will celebrate our 19th Wedding Anniversary!

42.  I am finally not worried about keeping up with the Joneses.
Seemed to take me long enough...but I'm glad to be right where I am....and the Joneses have their own mess to deal with!

43.  I became a Christian at the age of 12.
I was on a summer youth retreat! That was just the beginning...I am still a mess, but my journey continues daily!

44.  I do not obsess over germs.
I do carry antibacterial lotion in my car....but I totally believe a few germs can make us stronger.

45.  I have a bad habit of waiting until the FUEL light comes on in my car before I go to the gas station.
I have run out of gas at a busy intersection....I should have learned my lesson.

46.  The most famous person I have ever met is Clint Eastwood.
He was attending a fundraiser for The Theolonius Monk Jazz Institute at Duke University. He is very tall!

47.  I once danced in a 25 hour dance-a-thon for the Children's Miracle Network.
People followed us into the restroom to make sure we didn't take a nap!

48. My best friend is my Mom.
I hope I will be my daughter's best friend one day!

49. My favorite kind of music ready....Country!
I also love Josh Groban, Chris Tomlin, Sarah McLaughlin, and anything Daughtry!

50. I believe that smiling and a positive attitude are essential to a happy life!
Plus...negativity is just so....unattractive!

I must say, at one point I wondered if I would have enough random things to complete this list of 50.
I now know...I could really go on and on about myself.
Saving the rest for a much later time!

And now a song ....because "You Make Me Smile!"
Caution...if you click ....Music will Play!

Don't you feel like smiling too?
And dancing?
Or riding off into the sunset with a friendly dog?

Have a great day!


  1. Love your list! You have such positive energy.

    Have you seen the new movie The Joneses? It didn't get the best reviews, and they beat you over the head w/the message a bit, but I still enjoyed it.

  2. So many on this list would be on mine: Country and Josh and Daughtrey, germ non-fear, fuel light, the Joneses.
    Thanks. I always love it when I find common threads with my favorite blogs!
    And I love your new header! Very cool!

  3. Very nice list - I missed the first 40 (I assume before I started blogging) but enjoy reading your posts!

  4. Love the list!! You did good and it's nice to know these things about you.

  5. LOVE your list!!!! So fun.

  6. I have that same gas light problem!!
    and Country music rocks! ;)

  7. Love your list!
    Random little tid-bits are so fun aren't they, and a great way to get to know someone. I will have to search the archives for the other 40!
    I love that your mom is your best friend, I have that hope for my three girls as well.
    And country music USED to be my our house is filled with mostly kids music!!
    Enjoy the day!
    Love the new header too!!!;)

  8. I love your list too! We have much in common! Cute new header...I noticed it right away, of course! And, what you're listening to...I'll have to check that out later!
    Have a great day!

  9. hey jen- i'm a *fuel light* slacker as well....don't you always feel like theres just a little bit more in there! And I too have run out at the *turning right* think we'd learn wouldnt we!! tee hee!!

    love your list and you DID get to 50!!!!
    have a lovely day...
    melissa x

  10. Beautiful list my friend. We would be great friends in real life. we are very similar. I learned that keeping up with the jones' will just steal your joy. I also hate is very contagious and something I don't want around me.
    Love all your music groups too.

  11. Love the new header on your blog. I love the idea of 50 random things, can I borrow it? I think it's an awesome way to get to know people and your random things are fun. I'm a total opposite, I panic when the gas gauge gets to 1/2 tank. I have NEVER run out of gas. Love Country (Toby Keith, Dirks Bently, and Brooks & Dunn)and I'm probably a germ a phobe.

  12. I LOVE your list and we have a lot in common. BUT, number 50 is the best one!!!! I agree with you so much on that.

    Have a great week!

  13. The gas light thing...I have run out of gas more times than I can count...once in my work vehicle. Once, in the snow with no cell phone or coat. Once with both my kids in the car...seriously who does that?

  14. I made these quilts from scraps left over from things I'd made them. But I've thought that my littles won't have as many, so I'm going to save other stuff, too. When I gave my daughter hers, she actually spent more time looking at the card where I'd cataloged what each scrap was from.
    And when she came home just before she was married, she brought her quilt. So I know it means something to her. It's worth every second, even just to remember yourself.

  15. What a fun list! dance a thon! Clint Easwood. Oh my , I do the same thing with my fuel light , drives my husband craxy! I met my hubby when I was 15 , and we've been together for 22 yeatrs , isn't it just wonderful to be with someone so long .
    Have a pretty night,

  16. Jen, thank you so much for that comment tonight! love it! Intermission!

  17. Your list is awesome! I had to learn the hard way that the Jones have messed up my life...who do they think they are?? HA. I showed them, driving my sweet 1996 Saturn!! Now look who is trying to keep up!!!!

    Your list is too cute! Thanks for the comment today!

  18. It's so fun to read these and see what we have in common. :) I met my husband in high school too! Such a fun way to "get to know" you - thanks for sharing!

  19. 19 years, wow that is awesome!!
    My mom is my best friend too, I hope for the same thing with my daughter as well. :)

  20. This is your wonderful daughter Emily! I am writing as anonymous because i dont have a blog, plus it sounds like im a spy or something! HAHA! First of all, AMEN TO 45, which is very true! Number 48 is a lie, because i am your bestfriend! And i agree with 49! Keep up your awesome blog! Love you!

  21. 19 years!!! Congralulations, that is awesome!!! I love to smile and dance and ride off into the sunset with a friendly dog!