Thursday, May 27, 2010

What A Cute Idea!

A series I created to keep up with all of those cute ideas out there in Blog Land. I am always finding crafts and projects that I want to try...then when I'm ready...I can't remember where I found them. These are not my ideas. These cute ideas will be ones that I intend to try when time allows. I will collect ideas as I a find them...and I will always give proper credit and a link to the original post.

Loving this idea from Sugar Bee craft edition.
Stamped Washer Necklaces.
Isn't this so cute! I want to make these with my daughter and her friends this summer.
With the right type of "ribbon", my boys would love them too!

I also love this idea from Alissa at 33 Shades of Green.
I want to make these letters to say "Play Nice" to hang on the wall in the bonus room.
Do you think having that "said" on the wall will help? I hope so!

Another great idea is from Lindsay at Living with Lindsay.
Boxwood Topiary.
I would like to make some just like these to put on my mantel.
I think they would make nice gifts, too.

And finally, a special book of treats from Kerri
over at The Pleasures of my Life.
Isn't this great! And just wait until you see all the yummy smoothie recipes!
What a great girlfriend gift!

For complete instructions, be sure to click on the link to check out these crafty bloggers.
 You will find so many other great ideas while visiting!
Soon...I am going to get crafty and show you some of these projects
that I have actually done myself!


  1. Love those wooden letters!
    I want to put some words on the playroom walls this summer too!
    Thanks for the link!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I am motivated by the smoothie book. Thanks for the link today!

  3. Hi Jen - Thanks so much for showing my letters!!! 'Play Nice' sounds like a great idea - who knows - it might actually work!

  4. Thanks Jen for the mention! I can't wait to try those washer necklaces! What CUTE gifts they will make. I even saw where she had made one for her Christmas tree. There's so much ribbon to choose from....can you tell I'm excited?! Now I just need a stamp set! My list of things I want to "try" keeps I keep adding more things and actually making nothing!

  5. Thank you for following and your sweet comment...I'm following back; I'm glad to know we both have good taste in music & enjoy worship songs!! ;-D

  6. The necklace is my favorite! Great finds!

  7. That washer necklace is so simple and so cool! I love it! I love all of the ideas you listed!

  8. Fun series!! These really are some great ideas.. and I love that you put them together in one place. It's easy to find and helpful to the rest of us!


  9. Way cute necklaces! I am always up for new smoothie recipes too! What a fun post :)

  10. Such wonderful ideas Jen! I love the stamped washer necklace and the letters. If it really does work, I would love to know:) Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

  11. keep them coming. I will try and create atleast one from each of your cute ideas. LOL Like i did with those candy jars. They were a hit.

  12. Thanks for the shout out!- you can make the necklaces, they were really easy! So many great projects, you're going to be busy....

  13. Hi, I'm following you from New Friend Friday :)

    Hope you can pop over to my blog and follow me, too.
    Have a great weekend!

    LOVE the smoothie box!!! CUTE

  14. I like the "Play Nice" idea. Great words to ingrain into your children's heads. Have a great weekend

  15. Those are all awesome ideas. I will have to check out the necklace one for sure. My daughter would love it!

  16. Cute ideas here! Following you through TTA.
    Hope you'll take a peek at my blog too.
    Creative Flair