Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Things We Do For Love!

This is one of those  "I never thought I would do this"  type of things!
You see, my 10 year old son, Jonathan, loves this little gecko! He got her for his birthday last year and has taken great care of  her on his own....with just a few reminders. A week or so ago, he noticed that she was dragging her body around by her front legs and looking very weak. So...against my better...much better judgement, I took this creature to the VET. What? I really can't beleive it still. Since our vet visit, I have had to give this little gecko calcium injections 3 times daily and administer antibiotic eye drops, as well. Because I am a nurse , the injection part is easy.....and somehow..... the "lizard" part is getting easier.

We really hope Alberta (the female version of "Albert, the albino"...which had to be changed after the vet told us that Albert was a girl) will get much better and live for another 4 or 5 years. So far, both eyes are opening and she is pooping again. She is still dragging herself around, but hopefully this will improve with time....this is what we have been told.

Whether she makes it or not, my hope through all of this is that my son will remember what his mom did for his little creature and most of all for him! Obviously it would have been much easier and so much cheaper to replace this gecko and continue on as before. We have all learned a bit about responsibility and sacrifice....and the things we'll do for love!
Live intentionally!

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