Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Host an Easter EGGstravaganza!

It's super easy and it doesn't have to be perfect.
Here's what you'll need:
A sunny afternoon
A few neighborhood kids
A place to hide eggs
A bucket of sidewalk chalk and some coloring sheets with crayons
Some easy afternoon snacks
Punch or Lemonade

Make an easy invitation that your kids can decorate with stickers. Hand deliver them to your neighbors and friends. (We roll our invitations up and tie them with an Easter ribbon.)

Choose a time of the day when the neighborhood kids are usually outside playing. (We normally choose a time right after school so that it doesn’t interfere with Sat. morning soccer games and baseball practices.)

Include on the invitation for the children to bring an Easter Basket and 1 dozen pre-filled eggs per child. (They can be filled with candy, stickers, trinkets or whatever…..I usually fill about 6 dozen eggs as well so that we have plenty of extras.) Of course, if you would like to provide all of the eggs yourself, just be sure the kids bring their baskets.

When the kids arrive, collect the eggs in several large containers. Be sure to count the total number of eggs you will be hiding. Even though you ask people to bring 12 per child, some people will bring more. After you have collected the eggs, divide the number of eggs you have by the number of children that will be hunting. That will give you an estimate of how many eggs each child should find. (We will usually set a limit for the big the younger ones have a chance to find some eggs too. Then after everyone has reached the limit...we send them back out to hunt for the rest.)

We gather the kids in the garage with a few parents, while the other parents quickly hide the eggs. Some are just thrown around on the ground where others are carefully hidden. If you can designate a certain area for the smallest kids that works best...because egg hunting can be dangerous.

After the hunt which takes only a few minutes, we finish up by having Easter Snacks ( usually carrots with ranch dressing, orange slices and an easter cookie), decorating with chalk, coloring and just running around in the yard.

We love this super easy celebration.
Happy Easter!


  1. We've only hosted a small family one before, and this year I'll be out of town... but this is SUCH a GREAT idea!! I want to do it next year!!


  2. Oh, thanks so much for your comment. My very first one! Yeah! I love your blog. Your photos are amazing!
    Happy Spring!