Saturday, January 9, 2016

For the love of coffee... And books!

There once was a time when we couldn't force her to read.

She loved being read to, but would not do it alone.

In the ninth grade, Emily read To Kill a Mockingbird, and A Walk to Remember and the first few chapters of Twilight so, I thought she might be on her way.

Soon afterward, however, she purchased her first iphone and then it was Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest that monopolized her reading list.

Things are different now. This morning we drove uptown to a very special coffee shop called Julia's Cafe and Books. It is the most fabulous little used bookstore. It calls to your sense of adventure and mystery. It causes you to want to read. It smells like coffee and books, and old things and leather. It is full of people searching the shelves or sitting and chatting with friends over a blueberry scone and Chai tea.
 The books are priced so that you leave with many. Books selling in Barnes and Noble at full price are going for 3 for $10. Paperbacks for .99. It is incredible.  The books are all donated and the profits support Habitat for Humanity, which is housed in the same building. When you finish reading the books, their hope is that you'll donate them back. What a lovely concept it is.

Emily walked around the shelves with her cinnamon something or another latte, looking up titles on her cell phone, searching by author and subject, and making a huge stack of possibilities. She stopped at 11 after eliminating a few more.  She wanted them all. Some of them she chose for the content, and others she chose because they were "pretty"and "would look great on her bookshelves one day."

I am more practical when it comes to books. I buy what I think I will have time to read.  After all, I can always return for more coffee and books.

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