Saturday, January 9, 2016

Can we just get back to blogging?

I used to be a blogger.

A pot of coffee would be waiting as I returned home from dropping my kids off in front of the school. I poured a cup, added my favorite creamer for the season, and headed to my desktop for an hour or so of community. 

I wrote blog posts. I read blog posts. I commented. I responded to comments. I linked up. I blog hopped... and you know the rest.

Before I knew it, I was out of time and even though I wanted to continue mingling around in that wonderful community full of inspiration, DIY projects, crock pot recipes and friendly conversations, I had to get on with my actual day, the one waiting for me with things I actually had to do and people that I could actually see and touch and talk to in person. 

Blogging was a time sucker, Yes.... then Instagram came along and was easier, requiring only a LIKE instead of a thought out comment. A quick photo from your phone and a short caption kept you in the loop. So with more demands of my time from work, kids and other activities, combined with the ease of the like button, and less comments from my own readers, I (like many) blogged less, even less, and then hardly ever.

Some of the things I miss the most...

I thought more about taking photos. I took more photos of my kids in every day moments. I stopped the car when I saw a rainbow, or a pretty front porch decorated for the fall to sneak a photo. I noticed things more.

I wrote more stories. I wrote about experiences, even if I didn't have a photo to go with it. I wrote about myself and thought about things that I would not have normally thought about. I had a scrapbook of memories that was mostly up to date. I could look at it anywhere and show it to anyone. 

I gave myself deadlines and worked hard to meet them. I felt more intentional in my every day living. I wanted to write material that would mean something to someone, so that meant that at times I had to do things or watch things or try things just to write about them. 

I made friends with some amazing people. Its funny to think about how commenting on blog posts and sharing in an online community for months can yield a deeper connection that living next door to someone that you hardly see.

For a while now, I have been trying to talk myself into writing a blog post. I have seen a few other "used to be bloggers" getting back to it, as well. Some have been "blogging" in their Instagram captions and might as well post a series, you know? 

I want to get back to it. 
If you used to be a blogger, I want you to get back to it too.


  1. Love this post Jen! I miss blogging too...keeping track of little day to day things...but mostly I miss my old friends! I'm in!! Lets do it!

  2. You have inspired me. I just sat down to write a post. I had almost given up on my blog, and then a few days ago I was looking back through my old posts for a certain picture of Boyd, and my heart melted at the memories...and I knew I needed to keep recording them. BUT, I feel so tired and busy and how in the world can I find the time. Love what you said here, and yes, let's all blog more! xo