Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sometimes all you have to do is take a walk....or a shower.

I recently heard that January 6th was the most  depressing day of the year. It had something to do with it being the first Monday after New Years when kids head back to school and parents head back to work. And it is usually cold and dreary and it gets dark I get it...and I kind of agree.

I had a meeting that morning and I almost blew it off, but when I got home at 11:00 am, I was really tired. Because I work night shift, even when I haven't worked in several days, my body still loves to sleep during the day. I crawled into bed, under the covers and took a nap. I was lonely after being with a house full of kids for 2 straight weeks. I should have taken the dog for a walk, but I was feeling blah and didn't want to make the effort. I finally got up and moving at around 2. I hung up some clothes and folded some laundry and answered a few emails. Later on, when everyone was home, I felt better.

Yesterday, was worse. I didn't have a meeting. It was 7 degrees. The kids were on a two hour delay so we all slept in. After taking Jonathan to school, I came home and read. I started to feel blah again and had to fight the urge to snuggle underneath my covers.  It was too cold to walk the dog, so I took a shower. By the time I got out, I had a renewed spirit. I felt better and my perspective had changed. A renewed perspective was just what I needed.

I have a friend who, when she's feeling down, turns on praise music really loud ...and then she sings and dances in her kitchen. 

I know that depression is real....I do not mean to say it can all be erased with the releasing of a few endorphins, but for those of us who struggle with winter blues and intermittent blah days when we feel like we don't have a purpose, I recommend a walk or a shower....and add praise music.

Today, it is still really cold, but it is sunny. I have already been to the grocery store and the library and I hope to squeeze in a quick run before the kids get home.

Do you get the winter blahs? 

What works for you?

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  1. Hate to rub it in, but no winter blah here. I get summer overload. And a shower fixes that, too. Just a cold one instead of hot!

  2. I definitely get the blahs in the winter. Sometimes all it takes is one pretty sunny day and I'm ok. A warm bath and a little time with a good book also can go a long way...

  3. You are in control ~ so I try to work on my attitude ~ meet with friends and walk with my doggie is the best fix no matter how cold ~ clears my head ~ (even if it is just a short walk due to the weather) ^_^

  4. Now that I think about it, Monday was a crappy blah day for me too. Weird.

  5. I have to say that a walk is the best pick-me-up for me. It's hard to get motivated though, when the rain is thundering down and the wind is howling. I just want to snuggle in with a book.

  6. good post!
    all good suggestions. I will have to think on these. I know it's helpful to focus on something other than oneself.
    darkness and coldness are not my favorite things. Perhaps I could reflect on the positive aspects of these.