Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Nerf War!

When the advent activity becomes a family Nerf war... alliances are formed, barricades are built, and all is quiet...until the action starts!
I may have accidentally hinted to where people were hiding by taking photos. Once I became aware of that, I started taking random photos in all different directions. Sneaky me, right?
And the best part...when it was over, everyone was happy and wanting more!
Crazy family fun!

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  1. ARE YOU KIDDING!!! You are the coolest mom ever! That is so fun!

  2. What a fun event. When my Grandsons are a bit bigger we might have to do this

  3. LOL Lots of fun for the whole family!

  4. Looks like the whole family is having a lot of fun with those nerf bullets!

  5. You have a darling family...

    It looks like a full on dart war there!

    Delightful post for the letter "D"... It's fun seeing you all in action!

    Thanks for linking.