Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello Fall projects and Inspiration.

There is a drawer in my kitchen that serves as a school work, folder papers, and art projects holding tank. The papers that come home from school each week go directly into the drawer until we are all certain that they are no longer needed.  Earlier this fall, I realized that the holding tank was overflowing with last years paperwork and needed to be cleaned out. In the process, I found a few treasures and a little inspiration too.
Zac had some sweet artwork that I framed to add to my wall of art in the bonus room.

Hello {already hung} artwork...
Jonathan had a fabulous book of poems that he and his dad had written for an English project in early May. I had not even had a chance to read the poems before he turned them in. The creativity was so impressive, I had to share my favorite one here. It sounds a little like a Rap song if you ask me. Super fun!

Hello {impressive} rap song poem...
Hi young man, 
Why don’t you take a seat.
 I’d like to take some time so we can officially meet.
 I’d like to give you some advice that could help you along the way
 so why don’t you pull up a chair and stay.
 Love your neighbor as yourself,
 Take your bible off the shelf.
 Forgive each other and walk by faith,
 And don’t be too quick to move in haste.
 Don’t spend all your time playing those games
 and making those choices that lead to shame.
 But take some time to have some fun,
 while outside with your friends in the sun.
 One more thing my little lad,
 make the most of the time you have.

The cleaning of the kitchen drawers was just the beginning. And now, I am on a rampage to simplify. I have cleaned out cabinets. I have filled several boxes for donations, thrown away old mail and receipts, decluttered the boys room, and organized the pantry. I also painted a few closet doors that had scuffs and smudges. And wouldn't you know, my favorite vacuum cleaner starting acting up so I turned it over and cleaned a mound of dog hair from the brushes. Now it works like new! Oh yes!   

Then, I was really getting ambitious so I removed the rug from our living room in order to clean it and let it air dry outside. Then it rained for days. Now I am getting used to the hardwood floor and wonder if the rug will ever make it back. I rearranged the book shelves and finally put the television above the fireplace. My favorite additions are the throw pillows I found at Marshall's and Pier One. Lighter. Perkier. Funner! Yes, I said should be a word!

Hello {funner} pillows...
We have also been working on a back yard makeover. We removed the swing set and play fort last summer and replaced the fence. We also added steps off the front of the deck.  We planted grass in the fall and now we are looking for inspiration in the landscaping and decorating department. My hope is to have everything finished and ready for a big back yard graduation party in the spring of 2014! 

Hello {backyard landscaping} Inspiration...
We still have molding to put up and a piano to paint. I have been looking at fabric for a color change in our kitchen. Nothing drastic. Just a pop of turquoise to add to the yellow and red. 

Hello {piano painting} Inspiration...
So many little things, nothing too costly...oh except for this sign I want to hang above my sofa. It is dreamy and I need it.

Hello {Big Bible Verse on my wall} inspiration...
It's funny how one little project can send you off in all different directions, cleaning and organizing and posting to-do lists on the side of the fridge that may never get done. 
And now, with the arrival of November....well you know what that means, right?
Hello Holiday prep and wish lists and trying super hard (again) to get things done early so we can all enjoy the season with less hustle and bustle...and more simple and grateful!
Can it really be done?
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